EDUCATION 101; Skills Of A Manager.

What Skills Should A Manager Poses?


*Skill is defined as various talents that managers need to perform their roles effectively.

Key of the skills are listed as:

  • Technical skills.
  • Conceptual skills.
  • Diagnostic skills.
  • Human Skills.




Technical skills:

The ability to use methods, equipments, and techniques required to perform specific tasks within the organisation. These are critical for lower level management.

Conceptual skills:

This is the ability to visualize the whole organisation in term of its challenges, threats, opportunities and so on. Its most important with the top Management.

Diagnostic skills:

These are used to define and understand situations. They are most needed at the top management. Moderately important to the middle management and fairly important to the lower level management.

Human Skills:

The ability to work effectively with others in a personalised manner.

*Here Common sense applys.


5 thoughts on “EDUCATION 101; Skills Of A Manager.

  1. I would add what I’d call a deadly important ability: to be able to perform – or, at least, to understand – ANY task which is required to ANY of the employees, in order to get a thoroughly image of the company itself. The rest, as you said, is just common sense…


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