EDUCATION 101: A look Into McGregor’s Theory

Theory X and Theory Y.



McGregor; According to him, the style of management adopted is a function of the manager’s activities towards human nature and behaviour to work. He came up with theory X and Y



1. Assumes that the average person is lazy and dislikes work.

2. That people must be forced id the organisation is to achieve its set objectives.

3. That people avoid responsibility and prefer to be led.

4. That workers seek Security.


1. Many people view work as natural as play and rest.

2. People are self-controlled when performing work they are connected to.

3. People will accept responsibility given right conditions.

4. That people can make right decisions on their own.


NOTE: On the other hand Herzberg came up with a two factor theory of motivation where he came up with MOTIVATORS (Factors that increase job satisfaction) and HYGIENE FACTORS (Those that prevent job satisfaction such as salary/wage, job condition…)

Maslow on his side, he emphasised on motivation as a means towards achieving productivity. He argued that Human beings have needs which are never fully satisfied and there fore motivation seeks to make the person desire to achieve the next level of needs.

(This study is under Behavioural Approach in The History of Management. Key contributors are Abraham Maslow, Fredrick Herzberg and McGregor)




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