It Was A case Of One Mistake Leading To Another Then Another….



It’s now at least two weeks later or rather put in simpler terms, nearing two weekends since the incident occurred.


The week had been a busy one.. In the early days of the week, i had escaped a slightly similar scenario on a town bound bus by Gods Grace. Friday of the same week, i happened to have left my Phone’s charger in town thus had to go back Saturday morning. Leaving in a hurry, i dint pick my bag along. Waking up had been a challenge damn!


All along i had this innate feeling to leave my phone charging as i went aboard my Saturday hustles to pick it up later on in the evening but normally i have this close connection with the gadget that either way, one can not do without the other. Lie!


Leaving town, i was to carry along some stuff in parcels summing to three, my hands were full. A bag would have made this easier. at the bus stop i boarded a bus but i was like the third passenger with up to more than fifty seats to go! It got me restless and i kept on peeping through the window to spot an oncoming smaller vehicle that would fill faster. All my concentration shifted to that. finally it showed up and out i dashed. Wasting no time, i boarded the music blaring mat to the front side, the third person on the drivers row and last for that matter. I held to my parcels with both hands.

I could tell something was missing but what? i dint know. Then reached for my right side jeans pocket to get my phone, Alas! It was not there! Acting quick, i confronted the guy seated next to me. He looked suspicious mark you. with some tattered newspaper pieces in his hand and a bag on his lap carrying prominently nothing. He denied and even turned violent dragging chorus reactions from behind the vehicle in his favour. Looking back, they were four passengers all male with the conductor summing to five. My impression of them was alarming! It dawned on me i had boarded the wrong vehicle.


I dint cease though. I insisted that this guy gives me back my phone and everyone now was threatening to beat me up. It got me scared but man must live! I got the drivers phone to call my line. After like a five minutes struggle, it went through then off! He told me to try the conductors phone and boy it was the same story all over again. They had bought me into their delay tactics as the phone exchanged hands faster than no one would expect!





I accepted, yes my gadget was gone but i was to move fast enough to get myself out of that vehicle surrounded by hungry thugs baying for my blood. I was the only passenger. The rest were on a dark mission. The vehicle had been moving all along. I asked the driver to stop and i got out. It got me relieved!


I was no longer in a hurry. Only all confused. I couldn’t run any hustle without a phone on me. I was lucky though they had not taken my cash as well but had i not thought fast enough, i could be in for damn cold regrets. My mind crossed with what i had read from some writer on Positivity “When you stare up the sky and a bird pees in your eyes, wipe it off and say thank God Cows don’t fly!”


In life you have lost stuff and a phone or several perhaps. Me too i have lost pretty a big number of them but i remember the very last one above and the very first time i lost my phone and the difference it makes now and then. Then, i felt a loss, loss of a phone that is it! Now i fell a bigger loss. Imagine me without a phone……. It’s just unimaginable! There i was in a world of my own. All alone. No one could reach me nor talk to me. It was already too lonely. Perhaps those who lived before our generation coud tell the difference. It was like going a century back in time! For a long time, i pondered over especially not the value of the phone asap but the content on the wider scale. The countless contacts stretching to way more than 1300. The sensitive data it kept. The Articles. The photos, the games, the videos, the links. My playlists ooh my! It got me sick. I blamed myself for the vicious cycle of mistakes. I also prayed whole heartedly that the government of the day finds such boys an alternative to life.


That phone am sure ended up in the black market with no defined business model, you acquire at no cost so nothing pre-determines your pricing not unless by Gods grace you have some sense upstairs which for them i doubt! Perhaps it fetched some coins just enough to buy these niggas a portion of cheap drug or something but not equivalent to its otherwise market value at all. Here i am. Pondering over the loss. Writing it off as i plan to go up the Maslows hierarchy of needs; to get myself a far much better gadget in replacement That keeps the economy in check and balance. It creates a business sense

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To Hell with the thieves! Keep Entertained



    1. Exactly. If only it could have hit my mind earlier. Thanks alot for stopping by……It was a way of getting over it. Am good. replaced my phone with an advanced version and its business as usual..

      I love what you are doing at clueless lives…keep up!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha it was a way to get over it. Am good got a new phone waiting for your line.

      @Marx I love your energy at the leaders endeavors you undertake. Keep up the fight on and on.


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