EDUCATION 101: Overview Of The Management Process.


Overview Of The Management Process as Advocated By Henri Fayol.


Management is defined as the course of achieving an organisational goal through coordinated performance of five specific functions as: PODSCORD; Planning, Organising, Directing, Staffing and coordinating/Controlling.




PLANNING: Involves determining what is to be done, in planning forecasting of future conditions, setting goals and making decisions between different goals and courses of actions made is explored.


ORGANISING: Involves arranging what is to be done. Its concerned with allocation of resources for both staff and others. Arrangement of working units and relationships, division of work into logical tasks of manageable tasks.

STAFFING: This involves the acquisation of employees to work in the organisation. It is also involved in development through training and maintaining an efficient and satisfied  work force in an organisation.


DIRECTING: This arises from organising. It ensures that employees are appropriately involved in working so as to meet roles and plans. This is done through motivating and encouraging staff.


CONTROLLING: The Process of Monitoring and regulating performance to ensure that the performance confirms to plans and goals of the organisation. It is continuously monitoring and reviewing how goals are being made. In Controlling, appropriate and corrective action’s taken to ensure that things happen according to expectations and plans.


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