The Making of A nation.

The flag

The National Anthem is our Unionship

Kiswahili                     		 English
   1                                        1

Ee Mungu nguvu yetu               O God of all creation
 Ilete baraka kwetu                 Bless this our land and nation
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi           Justice be our shield and defender
  Natukae na undugu                   May we dwell in unity
Amani na uhuru                    Peace and liberty
  Raha tupate na ustawi.            Plenty be found within our 

   2                                         2

Amkeni ndugu zetu                 Let one and all arise
  Tufanye sote bidii                With hearts both strong and true
Nasi tujitoe kwa nguvu            Service be our earnest endeavour
  Nchi yetu ya Kenya                 And our homeland of Kenya
Tunayoipenda                      Heritage of splendour
  Tuwe tayari kuilinda              Firm may we stand to defend.

   3                                          3
Natujenge taifa letu              Let all with one accord
  Ee, ndio wajibu wetu              In common bond united
Kenya istahili heshima            Build this our nation together
  Tuungane mikono                   And the glory of Kenya
Pamoja kazini                     The fruit of our labour
  Kila siku tuwe na shukrani        Fill every heart with 


And now the Main Agenda.


Blood flows...
Happy MADARAKA DAY celebration. .


Wisdom comes with age. For the Young People Fraternity (YPF), don’t misquote me. The real picture is that we are all wise but we grow wiser with age. Then age is just but a number! You are as young as you think you are  just as you will get as old as you think you have. It’s all about Experience being the best teacher and Time the best witness. Yes and Kenya today Turns Fifty Two years old. Happy Birthday Kenya!

Ours is a country that has matured over fifty years. History has dictated that we began as toddlers under the British protectorate as a colony. Our forefathers under the popular MAUMAU brand liberated us from the colonial powers and gifted us with the prize of modern colonization. This has overseen the ever-widening gap between the minority rich and the majority poor. Nobody is complaining. Am not lamenting either. All these is just but a glance at the real picture which most of us want to bypass. Its common with a developing nation just as the child struggles crawling and supporting themselves on walls before finally taking off to run with the world.

The progress i must say has been slow but steady. We have labored night and day. To end modern tyranny. To close the unwavering gap. To end impunity. To stage a counter fight to corruption. To uphold human rights.To be like the western superpowers and to make Kenya what it’s just about to become. Then just the other day we reached the first landmark; voted in the new constitution. Try remember the tongue battling term; Promulgation just after the successful historic referendum. In biblical terms its like Manna from heaven. Its going to shape the whole political, economical and social scope of Kenya. That`s why the March 2013 General Elections was the most crucial but just for the Expectations.



Over the years, elections have come and gone creating waves that died off even before the president was sworn in! Aspirants as a routine promised heaven yet failed to deliver even the earth! 2013 after March we thought was  the end of this monotonous era. We were prepared. For well-coordinated hate-free campaigns. For peaceful elections. For devolution. For long-awaited constitution implementation phase. For a wave of promising developments in the Political, Social and Economic spheres. Our commitment to this was thus voting wisely as good citizens and committing to concede defeat as sensible leaders.Lets collectively forget about the past and we leave in the present only prospecting of a brighter future. Remember yesterday is gone forever, but yet still tomorrow  may never come only today is yours to live in“. Ours is a Democracy. Democracy hasn’t yet failed. It is not promising to fail either. It’s thus not yet time to apply force


The main Agenda is why ours is Kenya; our mother land. Kenyans at the center stage surrounded by antagonies in their daily hustles hoping for the best while expecting the worst. Politics is always been the order of the day yet ours is a struggling democracy and its  high season at Elections period. The time when Mr MP comes back to bond with “mwananchi” offering a delicacy of promises on an empty plate.


Its been sometime now in an outskirt suburb of Nairobi a young girl was pushed out of a moving bus by a Tout for failing to raise extra ten shillings for bus fare. Oops! she tragically succumbed to death. The bus in question was set a blaze by the angry-fury filled citizens. As i watched the late evening bulletin, the lady caster concluded…”what a sad and grieving end to this young girls life!?” “…and to the whole saga too” i added downheartedly. Nobody took follow-up!


Then it took me back to history. History has it that some years back a Gama Pinto was murdered during the Kenyatta’s regime. A while later a J.M Kariuki was mysteriously sent to hell. Again Tom Mboya, the highly accoladed Kenyan was assassinated. Some Robert Ouko too lost his life in the assassination games. I may not be as good in History to pick up all the cases but the list is longer than this. Just recently,  Internal Security Minister perished in a helicopter accident alongside his deputy, body guards and pilots at a time when the war against Alshaabab attack was high. The cause of their untimely death wasn’t known though we still wish to know despite the fact that it raises no life.


Because ours is Kenya , a commission of inquiry was hurriedly constituted to look into the matter. The results were to be made public and they are yet to be. Who is fooling who? It had been the same with the above cases alongside Anglo-leasing scandals, public parastatal grabbing, the maize scandal, Cemetery saga, some “kazi kwa vijana” funds, Drug lords, a treasury-linked Laico regency, corruption-fueled Swiss accounts, some posh computer typing error but we are not meant to exhaust the list. Some mysterious commissions of inquiry never got the answers or do we say never did the inquiries?. I thought its time we inquired the commissions. Its news when Jim bites the dog not when the dog bites Jim!


The main Agenda is that the change we are always just about to crown. We should make peace with the past one day if we manage for it not to shadow the present nor shield our future . Someone please take responsibility, Ours is a ship that lost the steward!

On and on we will sing the Freedom Anthem Embroided in our National Anthem. For its the only hope we have That reminds us of our conc History connects us to the Present and yet still assures of a future that’s only hopeful!

Then now the Other Week.

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FRID: This ‘Guy’ cant’t Just Let Me Sleep!






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