They say money is not everything. Its the only thing.Over time they have come to define it as a means to an end. Money as a medium of exchange posses some undefined magnetic power. At one point in time its like it is controlling the world. Everyday every one is on the run speculating on how to attract their next penny. It defines our financial power and i guess its the reason the Maslow`s Hierarchy of needs is yet to be proven wrong. For instance the higher your income goes the more you desire to extend your spending scales to suit preference and lifestyle match. Then never wonder why filthy trillionnaire business people are still launching new ventures all in the wild search for money. A similar scenario, in Africa for instance, every morning a lion wakes up knowing that it must outrun the slowest deer lest he starves to death. Every deer on the other hand  wakes up every morning knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion lest it starves to death.

Money matters are mostly very sensitive when it comes to discussion. Most smart people seek the advice of financial experts in relating to things money. As we struggle on a daily basis to amass wealth and at the same time meet our current expenditure, everyone is eying the bigger picture so much that we easily forget our starting points yet the dark truth is that we may fail to hit our wild targets especially when we fail to confine our current expenditure. Humanity is a funny species  for as much as we aim high we fail to appreciate that a journey of a thousands miles starts with a single step. They say Rome was not built in a day. The common topic is “how i made my first million”. Am not there yet that’s why i want to talk about “how i made my first shilling”

As a toddler growing up, we spent school holiday breaks at our grandparents upcountry home and it was mad fun. By then i was in my third year of lower primary. It was during the April break. During our routine plays, i came across a defaced banana sucker which i carried home and decided to plant in the backyard banana plantation. Am an ardent fanatic of gardening.



As i came back for my end year break, my plant had miraculously formed into a banana bush! The parent plant already bore some ripening fruits. I harvested and within the next three days it was fully ripen.  My plan was to sell it off at our shopping center as i accompanied my grandmother who ran a cereals trade. However my granny offered to have them at thirty five shillings. In acceptance i proudly took the cash. I was so happy because then i made my first shilling. It feels ooh! nice to earn your own money. Money that you have not stolen. Money you have not borrowed. Its not a grant nor a hand out but cash that you have worked for. The fruit of your sweat capital.

How did you make your first SHILLING?


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