EDUCATION 101: The Driving Test.



It is a board containing roads, round about; parking like one we have in town where students are taught on how to drive using toy cars.




One way Traffic Road.

This is a type of road where vehicles drive to some direction. White line normally marks it. This white lines are also in two types, That is continuous line and broken lines. To mean when driving on a road marked by those continuous lines, you can’t change line or overtake but you can only change line or overtake where it is marked by broken white lines.


Two Way Traffic.

This is the type of road where vehicles drive to the opposite direction. It is normally marked with yellow lines, also broken and continuous to mark no change of lane or overtake where marked by continuous line but can change or overtake where broken line are.



There are two types of parking namely;

a. Angle parking.

b. Flash parking.

Angle Parking

This is parking reserved for small vehicle only (Light commercial vehicles). Here w=vehicles are parked at an angle starting from the furthest end (near the exit ) coming towards the nearest end (the entrance)

Note: A vehicle packed at the nearest end i.e the entrance means the parking is full and no space to park this appears to both side of parking.

Flash Parking

This type of Parking is Reserved for all types of vehicles (heavy and light commercial vehicles) here vehicles park a straight line….still start from the farthest end coming towards the nearest end.


Pedestrian Crossing.

This is a section of the road reserved for the safe use of pedestrians thus when crossing, normally vehicles wait. White bold marks are drawn across the road intermarrying to form a zebra like shade. It is a special place on the road mainly for people to cross.



*Here at Kenya we say Don’t drink and drive and of my personal experience: The last time i did that i woke up from the dream later than the Alarm!


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