MOTHERS DAY: Tribute To MUM and all MOTHERS.


“My mother could take a bunch of Bananas and come with a kilo of rice. My mother could take take just one chicken and come with a kilo of potatoes. My mother would carry a bag of cereals and come back with a pair of shorts for school” That’s the greatest entrepreneur i admire. Every time i think of her, i admire her spirit of inborn business acumen. That’s what made the seven of us go through school to the envy of staring neighbors. She still loves business despite the fact that she retired to small-scale peasant farming that all it does is put a bunch of green grocers on the table. Yes she rears some birds and i love the way she keeps counting them. Just like the Masai nomads she says they are for prestige and she wont allow us to slaughter especially the laying brood even when we complain a century times that the food doesn’t have meat. As a re-counter, she lectures us in length of how meat causes gout’s disease. She will then warn us against making meat a habit but instead send Deloh- the younger bro to get a kilo of red meat from the shopping center. That’s a mother, she rears those birds just like her own kids.



She keeps two cows zero-grazed in a shed behind the kitchen but she always complains that the brown one eats so much nappier but gives little milk. The black and white one she says kicks a lot during milking time. Then i joked she should be sending me some milk via Easy Coach just as i do send her money by M-pesa. I heard her laugh her ribs out! Of neighbors, she says they always let their chicken to feed on her sukuma wiki plants but she dons conflict breeds hatred and as Christians we should not hate each other. Lately she fenced her plants off with an old piece of government funded mosquito net. She complains that my elder brother doesn’t manage his finances very well lately since he left college and took up teaching in the neighboring school instead of heeding to her advice of sticking to his veterinary practice. Hopefully he doesn’t read this! Of the elder sister she says they have not communicated for close to a week and inquires that i check out on her next time am done Hustling. Just before i hung, she warns that i should not rush into marriage. I laugh. That’s the conversation we have. We have not met of late but we talk in length on phone just before sleep time. She sleeps Late always. Happy mothers day mummy.





To all mothers out there, We respect you, we love you and we wish you well. Its every day that we recognize your daunting role as mothers only that today the world chose that we let you know of the great role your motherhood serves in our lives and once again HAPPY




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