Two decades on…



I was about to tittle this “Three decades on…” then i realised that meant thirty and looking around i saw some people nodding in disagreement. Its how i got stuck at two decades on…Why today is special is because its my birthday. a birthday unlike the others becuse it remindsme i have bid the sweet teenage years goodbye and now am a MAN perhaps man enough. I dont have the verdict though. Our PLATFORM is marking its third year this September. It means we started this journey at twenty one Miles! and people, its been a great Godly blessing having you around. Its why am humbled to dedicate this Birthday to you all in equal measure. Its this Community to say the least that has shaped this my adult life. Having a forum to address, to question, to talk with, to educate, to entertain and best of all to inform gives you that man enough feeling. So good people recieve my humble gift.



            “Three shades of TONY”

Primary Graduate.

1509016_10200217340352348_6512092582441161934_nIt had been eight year ago and primary school was coming to conclusion. School wasnt as boring as it woulld turn out to be in later years. We did our best to Study hard for as we were told, we had some future that waited for us. That was strange though! I had been topping my class long enough and Mr Griffiths had called needing me at his place- Starehe Boys Centre, Its how mum took a passport photo of me for that purpose. Fast forward after results and some Education ministry advocated policy of sticking pupils to their home district changed my fate settling me at the top National school at the county as per now. Yes i dint make it to his place, but later own in highschool days he passed on. What a heroic Scout he was. Rest in peace! 

Highschool incomer..

And Now: Conversations with myself.

Winston Eboyi Tony

Whats Your Name; Winston Eboyi  but Tony is the time saving form..

You in a paragraph: Am Many things. Am a Business Executive, Project manager,   Writer,Blogger, Motivator and Life Enthusiast. The list is still growing I love networks and growing them everyday makes me happy.

A birthday is aday to Celebrate Motherhood, Fatherhood and ones personality in that order

By next Birthday, i should have added a name to my Names.

Its a nice coincidence that my Birthday falls the same month as mothers day

I chew most of the time i guess i can make a good case study for the gum industry study.

In another life, i would miss Kenya then the world in the same order.

I have; Mad loving for Gadgets. Music is good. Movies are worth my time and people with some positivity get me attached.

Memories; Growing up i yarned for adult life. I thought adults were just adults. They were more in control, busy on schedule and always had somewhere to go or do with their time. Now as an Adult i think Children are just too lucky with all the care around but as a child i will always want to be the adult i am.

Winning the National Human Rights Essay Competition in later days of primary was the best Event to keep. It was all glory adoning the celeb status back then after apperaing on both Telly and print media.

Life could not have been life without Social media. Those who lived before us missed this.

I posted this then laughed at myself “I saw a beggar in the streets, a white beggar and after that i said  you know what London has many things just like home”

Why i speak to myself sometimes; its because i need expert advice not what some people are thinking.

Best charcter is my college desky. when she calls, she reminds me when i led the economics class with 88 point missing only 12.

If i had the chance to teach you, i would teach you some economics “A recession is when your neighbour looses his job. A depression is when you loose yours and a recovery is when the president looses his”

I dont have roots from the Buganda Kingdom but i find Matoke a nice delicacy

I Guess; I overdo shower i can shower as long as the water is running at the tap.

I Think; that Money is important but only as a means to a specified end.

From another Perspective; Wealth creation after a while is just the mounting stresses of ownership and the creeping fear of loss.

Best Definations; Efficiency is concerned with doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

I forced my self to memorize  DANIEL 11; 34 But The People That do know Their God shall be STRONG and do Great EXPLOITS. But i still recite JEREMIAH 29; 11 For the good Lord knows the plans he has for you. Plans for welfare but not for evil. To give you a FUTURE and great HOPE.

My greatest dream: I need to make the world a better Place

“Several Years” should have been in your hands by this birthday but it will catch up with you soonest possible

For me, I write;I write because i want to find out who i am.I write because there’s nothing else i’d rather do. I write because i cant sing, cant dance, cant paint.  I write because if i woul give a try to singing, i cant put it as right as Pharrel Williams. I write because its in writing i find Solace.  I write because am happy to write and write more I write because i want to live a mark upon this world.  I write because i feel that sometimes only words can change the world.

Growing up, i dint envision being a social Scientist but would i have lived in todays generation of kids, i would have wanted to be a private Developer when i grew up!.

Lastly “Man is not the sum of what he has but the totality of what he does not yet have, of what he might have “As borrowed from Jean Sarte Paul.

And as i pen off; Take Note please…

from the word go...

Its been a journey of learning. Ave learnt worthy causes and the space of Humanity. Credit to all of you my Life Journey Teachers.

                                                    *To God Be All The Glory*


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