THE ROUND UP: ‘Holy’ Defined April.


By now, its not worth the course to complain of how time flies. Its a fact that we have to live with whether we choose otherwise! My friend Henry A Dobson, an English author and Poet who stared 1840-1921 said “Time goes. You say? Ah! No! Alas, Time Stays we go” Then he went.

April to say the least began on an extremly low sad tone. All we had loked forward was a rainy Easter that marks the height of the normally holy month. Then tragedy struck in the morning cold  of Thursday at Garrisa, a Moi University constituent college. Young lives were lost. Find some time to check VOICE OF REASON.



Along the way, APRIL FOOLS day happened and my friend Text “brother,Today no one is telling the truth its lie after lie, i dont know whats happening?! ” That looked innocent indeed. On and on we we were humbled in defeat, we mouned as a nation as we put to rest what remained of the massacre memories. Rest in Peace. a spiritual mood engulfed the Nation. Not the one phenomenal with April.


Easter came calling with such a long spiritual break. We celebrated the Life , Death and ressurection of our friend Jesus. Its over this Time that i learnt my catholic foes desist from taking meat for the entire season


The Political Arena took twists after twists with the continuation for the cast of “we ni corrupt” a movie that had began casting mid March and its bound to be on the screens longer than we wish. Just before i forget, Our brother from the US promised he is gonna be around this July and thats what is trending!

Just like you had imagined, this OKOA thing had been left to the original scriptors-read Safaricom. The Company is alive, our Opposition fathers met at the  Boma to give “Okoa Kenya” a massive launch this time around not denied media publicity. I guess going by what they promised, it should happen any time before the next election is Home.



Yes it rained but that’s not news! Kidero Drums is been word in town and boy that saga was huge! My friend who Hails from Roysambu tweeted “Nairobi, you guys are complaining of Kidero drums, Here at Roysambu we are fine save for Njoki Chege’s Woes” Imagine the way am in support of the presidential advocated  local tourism and i made it routine to visit Diaspora (for business though) once a week. Then this guys decided, to go to Rongai we can’t take a turn at the usual Nyayo roundabout but instead visit South B to Nairobi West then back to Mombasa road before turning to pick Langata road. Ahem! That took years. Thanks to the fact that it din’t make sense to them as well!


Last Week at close range.

Mon…Of Conflicting Stars.


Frid…Betting Hullabaloo!

Looking forward to a much familiar MAY….


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