Its somedays now, a small section of a local daily read in a paragraph of a young Eastland couple that had scooped the Sportpesa bet of the month to the tune of millions. To sink down the memory, their photos holding the huge cheque, was presented along and indeed the memory has lived on. Congratulations to them!
All over the streets corners and the estates joints, Youths are convinced this thing is real! You even here them argue about that, and everyone is in support no traces of opponents. Football is alive thanks to the Betting spirit and especially over the weekends. At one joint i heard a young fellow recount “Ave placed a bet on that Man-U Chelsea game. Am counting on the proceeds to pay rent. I even promised my landlord to pass by to pick his money Monday morning”
Karl Max once said, History repeats itself first as a tragedy second as a farce. Indeed Gambling , Betting and Lottery are independent games that are industries to reckon in developing nations . Here at home regulations exist to control especially their authenticity. A bet in other words is not a sure win neither will it be a sure loss. Ahem we employ a middle of the road approach because at the end of the day, just as you are speculative not to loose, the Betting Company as well is not in the Business of dishing out money aimlessly. Unless they are running some charity organisation somewhere parallel to this. Theirs is a full swing profitable business. To cut the long story short, the more you bet, the more they make money and thus the higher the probability of awarding one lucky participant perhaps its not you or may be chances are that it might be you or someone you know!
The Company i have come to think was quite strategic in awarding that weeks bet to such a young couple. For what they have achievedis a huge Royal following of youthful betting community. A market that was initially not tapped. Initially i guess this community was concentrated on fulltime hustling hard and Partying easy. Or did i say like animals? Untill a side hustle was born in the name of Betting. All i hear these days is SPORTPESA Ambassadors!

In other News yet to get official tommorow….

During an “All-Access” segment with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Floyd Mayweather admitted that while he has respect for Muhammad Ali and other great fighters that came before him, no one will ever get him to admit that he’s not the best to ever do it.

Furthermore, when TMZ ran into George Foreman a few days later, he conceded the top spot to Mayweather, claiming the current-day crop of boxers are “smarter, stronger, and overall better fighters,” pretty much agreeing with Mayweather’s perspective, and even throwing some support behind some of Floyd’s contemporaries, like Manny Pacquiao, whom Floyd will square off with on Saturday.

Regardless of public opinion, Muhammad Ali’s not having it. He took to Twitter to remind everyone that he is, and will always be, the greatest.



Mean while as we wait for the verdict of who gets the $200 million visa vis $150 million . May the best Puncher Win! All over the World HAPPY LABOR DAY.


3 thoughts on “BETTING HULLABALOO!

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