That March weekend guess had been the most boring since the year had set foot earlier on. I scavenged through my movie collection and stopped  at “a thousand words” the one i had been postponing to watch ever since i bought it at the corner movie stockist. It doesn’t stare my favourite teenage comedian Trevor Noah who says “If this comedy thing does not work i have poverty to fall back to” This one stares the renowned rib-cracker Eddie Murphy acting as Jack McCall.



Yes this guy can speak. Say a thousand words in a microsecond. His witty acting style is humorous. As the scene begins he is on a que buying coffee at a beverage shop. His tricks of negotiating the que  proves futile till he fakes up a call. Jumping up and down and on phone, he is joyful that his wife has delivered twins at the hospital. Evey one allows him to get served first and with a huge smile he is gone!



Fast  forward to his business. He is a big name in book publishing brokerage in town. Its how he bumps into Shinji the spiritual professor. Whom on meeting inquires as to if he has read his book. Eddie quickly nods in a appreciation but aback at his office muses “am not in the business of reading books, all i do is connect authors to the publishers to reach the end market”



Event overtake each other fast and our character , Jack McCall is put to real test, After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak. professor Shinji shows up to tell him that he’s too connected to the tree that he is too connected the tree that it will lose a leaf every time the talkative Eddie says a word. Just as he’s about to respond, the leaves are all over the place. To drive the last nail on the coffin he tells him he has only a thousand words to go! after which he die.  This kind of spiritual incarnation throws Jack into desperation as now he struggles to limit his words. He looses his family, his job, and persona as well. Our professor had earlier on told him that the book was only five pages long and it was about him.

Towards the end, the dry tree sprouts more leaves and comes back to life. Jack comes back as a changed man in a new compound the one his wife had always desired and BOOOM! there’s life!



Today i thought especially of the reactions to this post. Mummy she will muse at how i manage to connect my newly found love for movies with writing. Oby my Nigga from the hood will call wanting to watch the movie yet the thing has been here since 2012! He watches all the movies after me! Kang’ethe the guy who runs a movie shop at the estate corner will come in person to pick the movie. For him that means Business!


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