THE ROUND-UP: March There Wasn’t Much.


How time flies and boom it was March. I mean the third month of March that otherwise means the first Quarter is gone. Gone So fast.

Here and there was the tune ofthe norms as daily chores took a center stage. Nothing was soo news but along the way TV Power had come back after the stalemate over airing rights were partially solved. Then we were no longer cut from the world.

The sad part my parternal grandmother succumbed to pheumonia after along well lived life. Rest in Peace.

Fast forward and politics took a center stage. Center stage with stories of “we shall not leave any stone unturned” Indeed its been so most of the time or is it all of the Time? This was all to do with the Corruption menace that has been part of us since time immemorial!




The president set the ball rolling. Something had happened dubbed “The presidential state of the Nation address” He is the man in command and he barked with concern. Concern that indicated finality. Finality that we only dream of to come one day!


He ordered that all state officers convicted of Corruption in the newly released EACC- Ethics and Anti-corruption commision report step aside to allow room for further investigations to take place independently. Then every one had something to say. All i did was listen. The tune was different but the song sounded familiar.


Let by gones be by gones. April is here to stay….


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