A People United by Calamity.

Japan tsunami deestruction


It dates Back to the olden days of History. The ones my class three English teacher used to frame as longer than our long long trousers. A story is told of  a Nandi leader who prophesised the coming of the White man. In his words he said he will come eating fire; which is synonymous with smoking cigar. He fore see that this man who would not be of dark complexion like him would come riding on a snake; that read Train. To cut the long story short, the white man came and Colonisation was here. The old men of those days branding themselves elites and trading as Maumau embarked on a relentless struggle for freedom employing Querilla tactics. To some extent their fragile efforts were recognised but its exit Colonialism enter neocolonialism. The kenyan Spirit was born!


Fast forward to “kenyans for Kenya campaign” and this i bet willgo down in history as the most responsive fundraising campaign ever to take course in Kenyan History. Our country men to the North were suffering the pangs of prolonged Hunger and The red Cross Society partnered with the Mobile telephony Operators to drum support from the larger Kenyan Population. The Kenyans in Diaspora too extended a helping hand. The final response i must say was overwelmingly great. Kudos! The Kenyan Spirit was Born!


Just the other day Assasin Villains went loose sparying bullets on innocent Kenyans across town in what was branded as the “Westgate Massacre” a toll number of Kenyans succumbed to the brutal attacks. Many lost relatives or did i not say bread winners! Businesses were brought down in a matter of minutes. we did everthything about that and even cursed them. I even wrote about it on this platform. The Kenyan spirit was born!


Why did i remember all this? Over the weekend i was at the village to lay to rest my late Granny who had succumbed to pneumonia at the ripe age of ninety three. I had the chance to re-write and translate her drafted Eulogy and it read in length. We mourned her departure but in equal measure celebrated a life well lived. God rest her sweet soul in eternal peace. At the Funeral all relatives had come to pay the last Tribute which was equally commendable. I must say i acame to meet all the descendants of our clan in this ceremony.


Its my prayer that Unity persists beyond Disaster.


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