You bloody well remember That Kid who spoke in polished slung on a local comedy show. He said he wants to be a mat spinner and specifically on Jogoo road driving one of the Pimped Ummoiner 33 seater rides. Everyone laughed but he earned a scholarship from the Sacco Chairman for that.


While growing up, i wanted to be many things on different occassions i guess. They say where  or how you live perhaps has a standing on the career path you choose eventually. As a small boy, i wanted to be a stastician just like daddy. Unfortunately i dint know what i would do as one. All i knew is as a stastician, i woild work at “Herufi House”_The one he used to sing about when hed hit the bottle. The other day i came across Herufi House, it houses the Treasury. Perhaps like him, i would have traversed Dar salam-Tanzania and Kampala-Uganda and come back to settle for teaching instead! At one point i wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer. Then i thought i would make a lot of wonderful stuff, perhaps a car or several. A real one! Not the toys i made and gave out for free to my playmates! Would i have known business by then, i would be a budding millionaire from those toys by now. I used to talk enough and most at times arbitrated over my friends who were fighting. Then people advised id make a good lawyer when i grew up. I thought so too but guess id be a broke nice guy in posh imported suits at a rented space east of town speaking Briton English with agony of lost cases. One day i made a nice fence around the flower beds and mum said “guess youll make a good Carpenter” Capenter and Mason are close cousins! I sniffed. She knew i was not happy. “Easy son, that was a plain Joke” Over the Holidays still, i helped the Vet drench down a tablet the mouth of our ailing Freshian and i was readily convinced that i would make a good vet in future. I had scored 100% in Agriculture the Previous term!


On Mondays id hit home running for Lunch only to find mummy when she was just about to light the fire. I gave athletics a long thought, Like Kipkemboi or Rudisha Perhaps, i will break records abroad and bring lots of money home. Perhaps my name would change to Kip-eboy or arap Eboy for the going concern of my newly found career. I dint loose an argument be it at home or school and friiend advised i give Politics a damn bold try.  I was convinced all i would do is give people lots and lots of promises as i grew rich quick. Composition Writing was a quick fix for me. It made me think i’ll write in adult life and join the leagues of Ngungi Wa Thiongo, but on most occasions itopped my class and daddy said the family needed a medical doctor. He would have been one himself, he revealed. I was good with counts and brought home all change, mum thought i’ll venture into Business in adult Life. All those years, the idea of being a Social Scietist in adult life never Hit my Mind but here i am, a Social Scientist In Practice





Year in year out, the Job Market receives graduates in unmatched numbers yet the available work vacancies have been at a stagnanted bare minimum since time imemorial. The trend is even not Promising and all we live with is Hope as Politicians make the Menace of Youth Unemployment a key Poit of Campaign Agenda in Successive regimes.


2 thoughts on “JOB MARKET.

  1. Well put, now here is my story, as I was growing up, dad thought the best that all his children would be, was to be a lawyer.He worked really hard to make one of us a lawyer to no avail until the day I went to college and with a social sciences calling letter, he was so disappointed to say the least . That was not what I wanted to become as well, I wanted to become a doctor but my chemist grades thwarted that dream and I peacefully settled for my Baba Alinituma degree. For the last 3 years, I had been wondering whether I would ever fit into the shoes until I did something else that brightened my stars, Project planning and im now very convinced that even social scientists have a big slice into the job market cake…their slices are better sugared and bigger considering they are “masters” of almost everything.


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