I was of age ten or there about in my Fifth year of Primary schooling. My English Text read “Neighbours” and may those with a similar experience say Ahem! Fast forward to the end year exams that were used as a determinant for advancing the next class. I had been away from school for the entire term Pending illness that was really wearing me off. Coming back to school only to sit for the one week end year exams and back home for a continued bed rest. Just as school was about to break for holidays there was this phenominal awrd ceremony; a prize and badge for best per subject and overall three best positions per class academically. As fate held it ,i had done exemplary well in the concluded exams and topping my class, i carried home all the prizes for the eleven subjects to the envy of my classmates of heydays who suffered a beating from the class teacher baptising them as “jokers”

Debate is been rife high and about on ranking of schools picking from the day the results were announced late last year and early this year_read KCPE and KCSE results. There was unmeasured Hullaboo following the Ministers directive which he went ahead to enforce single handedly,, on doing awy with the ageless usual school ranking system. It turned heads. Steakholders wernt happy. It went as far as hittting the floor of the August house for discussion! or was it brainstorming? Then came the popular sentiment “we were not consulted” I mean You should know People! Ahem Me too i was not consulted.

Would i have been consulted, i would basically say no to that move in Bold and Capital. Not just empty talk but with strong support for my stiff stand. Thees something with ranking thats just unique and particular that i can not deduce quite well. The world itself thrives on ranking, we have first world countries that experience first world problems am told. We are a third world country but it reads better-developing nation. Its ranking that stirs us to struggle to become first world even if its seemingly taking forever!

I mean we rank without knowing that we are indeed ranking. Everywhere in Life ranks Exist. In Nairobi for instance, when choosing where to stay, you choose based on either East of Uhuru Highway or West of the same. Either side ranks differently from the other. In the Mat Industry, the Ronga Rides rank higher than those of Umoh and highest than Rembo Shuttle for instance! Kenya itself ranks better than its East African Counterparts but poorly against the world. Recently Nairobi University Sorry A comrade reminded me its The University of Nairobi ranked Seventh in Africa.

When it comes to Brands, ranking still exists, whether Selectively or and non-selectively. Whether shouting or silent. Ask the people of Synnovate the Importance of this and they will provide a full booklet on that. Not for free though! The guys of Toyota for instance, read “The car infront is always a Toyota” To them that communicates that they are Market leaders. Should i again reiterate that that is ranking?!

What would motivate  you to choose to work for Deloitte on Waiyaki way at the expense of Mama Mwaurahs INN on River road? Ahem! its common knowledghe that the ealier ranks higher in terms of brand and overall employee wellfare. So why dismiss Ranking that lives with us?


If theres something that ranking does for schools is to enhance a culture of Healthyy balanced Competition among students, teachers and institutions alike. People get motivated when others are noticing , appreciating and Celebrating their Success. So killing ranking means killing Progress and we will brand you an Enemy of Success! I believe its through this ranking that powerful Academic Brands like, Alliance, Starehe, Chavakali and the likes are born.

Your Choice to bun and Henceforth enforce the bun on ranking of school Mr CS was overly detrimental . Especially the timing per cee. We are against it as a Nation, as a family and me as an individual. A case scenario relates to me personally as first line complainant. You denied my Cousins Cousin Daughter the only chance to appear in the Dailies alongside the over celebrated Political class as position Nine Country wide. A motivation she had worked tirelessly for close to twelve years.. She is not happy. Am not happy. Her family is not happy and neither is mine. For we lost the one time Glory. She could have turned celebrity Overnight and our family glory would have lived on. Infact the entire Clan cursed you.

Mr Cabinet Secretary, You go a head and fight Cheating by any other means available to you but please bring back our Ranking game. It worked magic before someone offered you office based on Rank! Hows That?


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