Am asking and close to a million youth as well around the country are asking. What next after school…


Just the other day, the cabinet secretary for Education released the Results for the teens who sat form four Knec Exams at the close of 2014. They came a mid an applause of confusions. Some passed well. Some failed outright. Some came to know that they had cheated just as many more are still pondering over what might have really happened. Someone said only the end justifies the means.


One Mistake that i bet we have had to live with is commercializing Education. In my crude Opinion, Education from the Onset should be free for all and quality guaranteed. Making it a booming business kills the entire Lustre. The Objective is either dropped or Lost along the way . I may not know when and or how but we need to recheck that soonest possible.


All said and done, After school there’s still more school for you whether you passed, passed with lying colors, survived or failed out-rightly there’s a way by which you should gravitate to the next level. Am talking to the  graduates of 2014, those of yester years and the many more of the coming years.

They say schooling rather Education makes you knowledgeable whereas its through Life that you gain Wisdom. The Knowledge curve is quite interesting. Its best put a never ending learning Journey. One level slowly but surely gravitates into another with time so what next after school? The answer will be more school.

An unpopular sentiment goes…school is where A students Teach B students how to work for C students. Caution! nothing literal here.



What next after school? Its school and more school…It brings me back to a management guru who goes by Augustus Comte who coined PREFER while giving a wise look at the world of careers. Based on his well calculated argument, going round and round there’s a way you fit in atleast one of the Sectors of his formula..


In the ancient years, a management Guru named Auguste Comte came up with a formula that defines the world of professionals. Its PREFER as follows:

                                       P: Politics – politicians

                                       R: Recreation – music, football

                                       E: Economics – Entrepreneur

                                       F: Family – p.h.d, masters

                                       E: Education – teacher, lecturer

                                       R: Religion – priests, preacher.

What we have highlighted above discusses in a nut shell the major drivers of our career choices. Am sure you fall somewhere at least!

Life is quite interesting. As you navigate through the different stages of life, career stage pops out as the most fundamental. As adults it defines the rest of our lives. Choose wisely is the advice. Gone should be the days parents when parents  dictated career choices for their sons and daughters. It left one with the bitter burden of having to contend with whatever was put on the table against their wish. Career experts came in as points of reference just in case one found it hard to choose between conflicting careers. They too earn from that! Whatever you do so long as it is in line with the laws, you enjoy it and it attracts some income, that’s your career. Cultivate it. After school many choose to deeply pursue careers. Some go entrepreneurship to be their own bosses. Others choose to go JOBS – Join Other peoples Businesses. Whichever the direction you settle for its your profession depending on the amount of seriousness and commitment you deploy.

What next after school? Its school and more school…


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