The One Day Rave_rend.


This story back dates to Friday last week. its some days now but the memories aint just going away. Just as busy as Fridays are at the city, this was exactly one of them. Helter skelter i was up and down town in and out trying to put alot of stuff in good order here and there.


I was content enough that i was done and needed to Hit my newly acquired Crib earlier than its been usually. The Town was busy as all Nairobians, i think head CBD instead of Home on Friday evennings with specifity. The regular spots ad observed were already half full. The town was indeed back to life. It was late evenning and as norm is i was fixed on phone returning the calls ad missed at day and picking some as well. Then this Phone call came through when i was at around Norwich house on the side facing Kimathi street just nearing the towering overly celebrated moseleum planted just about there. The caller was low and i struggled hearing. It forced me to turn into the small lonely section that separates Norwhich house from the next building. I had just started  grasping some words coming through with my handset fixated on the right ear, when i turned back only to see some sharbly dressed guy approaching closely. He looked scary, with Uncharacterised grooming. A wooden piece surpported on a piece of cloth hung from his neck. My adrenaline flew faster. I tensed but acted Quick. I knew i had crossed a wrong territory and from the way our character advanced his steps, i could read his ill motives. Guess i have been a victim of similar circumstances but long enough. Dint want to fall victim on a good Friday as such. I took off in the opposite direction. I knew Action was the only difference between me and my safety. The speed by which i accelareted with could not allow me to stare back to ascertain whether this guy was following but i ran! Men I ran!


In a previous conversation earlier on, a long time nigga had been convincing me that we hook up for some catching up but ad been unconvenciable struggling to maintain my stand of hitting home on time. This Jamaa had been persistent enough sending through texts of the joints where he was at. Within less than an hour it had read a list like..Tribeka…Saltes..Lazarus…Samba moi Avenue before i gave up following.


When i settled from my Horror-like encounter i looked around and noticed i was standing just outside Galitos on Moi avenue. I was breathing faster guess for the neglect of the Gym. My mind was juggling between going home to staying put to cool off! It was almost Eight in the  night. I settled for the later and called my Nigga above. I could hear him amid loud noise of club music.. “Here at club City Space” he said and hung up as if he heard i was starving of Airtime! Ahem where i was, i was facing City Space on Moi Avenue. I went through the ritual bouncer checks at the entrance and up there in the city space i was. Crossing through a bunch of hungry organised dancers i Iocated this nigga with another friend seated towards the balcony facing the street. There we were, me and my Boys. Story telling was not part of the Agenda here. So i kept the outside drama to myself and concetrated on the bottle. We chatted tit bits in between but the loud music would not allow us. I took six, seven or perhaps ten by the time we were stepping out at midnight now



We thought we needed an extra hour to wait for this nigga who was to drop us home. Heading upwards we stopped at this new thing on Moi avenue Its called Edge just neighbouring Ibrahims supermarket- the guys who promise everything is cheap! The bouncers at the entrance checked our IDs in turns and turning to us he announced ‘boys twenty seven and above’ I was Surprised! “i mean its gonna take me four years before i stare inside this den. Ahem!” i thought inwardly. Sevens to the upper opposite side was welcome, we moved there in a swarm. The place was hot and blairing loud. The Kids misbehaved all over the place. I heard some kid was celebrating a birthday overnight. this Kids!  Luckily enough our guy called as soon as the cans were brought over. We tucked them and  took Off! and its how and why i have given up on this Rave Ritual.


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