The entire week had been football packed. Running all through from Monday. The night of Monday Man_U played Asernal in an FA competition and the game was just intruiging. The game was headed for a sure Draw after Wayne Rooney’s Equalizer then a back field blander  by the very best Antonio Valencia Gifted Danny Wellback-this time dressed in arsenal stuff an easy goal. Antonio apologised. This happens in Football however good a player can be. It was a similar case but then in the favour of Man U when Ashley Young scored against Newcastle just recently. Our Noisy neighbours were all over the place the next morning celebrating as if that meant the trophy was all theirs.

I was seated a mid old men. Men the age of my father. We watched PSG vs The Blues. They imbibed on wine as if it was bloody water! They kept turning round to inquire about matters football. I felt like a real football analyst. Forget about LUIZ forget about SILVA i was the real hero of the day.PSG i loved their show of mastery. They were 10 men but dint shoot wide. They passed the ball to someone not to whom it may concern. That was superb. The Game had been a packed one. Everyone expected a win, The Players, the club owners, The coaches and the many fans as well.

Major highlight was the incidence that saw Ibramovich red carded over a silly foul on oscar. Our chelsea guys were all over the referee trying hard to influence him to award the card at all costs. That was silly and childish of them. He even reffered to them as babies in his post match  comment to press.

I was there explaining to my old niggas the reason as to why the game was headed for extra time and my students could not just contemplate my approach. but it sure did and then theres a way history has a way of repeating it self just as in the case of Wellbeck punishing Man-u, David Luiz came back to haunt his former Blues with a tantalising header that brought the game back to posture. The captain  did just what he was meant to do steered his team to victory. The BLUES had to bow out to the joy of the rest of us!


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