Just as i begin this vivid conversation, let me first and foremostt address the most affected but highly neglected group. The 307 kids out their in the cold of despair. To whom its like the world just collapsed before them. Young industrious brothers take heart for all is not lost. This is just but a challenge that am sure we will win. I feel sorry for the fact that you have toiled for four good years only to hit despair subsitituted for your otherwise sweet success.  Boys most of you am sure you are 18, 17, or perhaps 16. Young and energeticwith great futures ahead . What happened had to happen but it holds no hostage to our bright futures ahead. So dont loose hope. Enough to the crying,wipe the tears, pick the pieces and lets get running all over again.


Exasperating is the feeling i have  for the Toms, Dicks and Harrys who have resorted to loose talk instead. Hey people should spare Chavakali High School these inigmatics and malicious discussions on social media and palable rumor mongering. Discussing the school in general might look like fun but nobody knows the pain the students bear…students who worked so hard and tirelessly for four years. Parents who paid over ksh500,000 for their children to finish the course.I am an alumini of Chavakali boys and in that matter a former student leader of the school. Chavakali boys is a school that works tirelessly with focus on excellence.. the school has academic programs and hard operations that many other students can not manage. The school principal is an immuteable leader carrying great visions for the school. As a former student leader i worked with the staff and the administration; the truth is for one to survive the four years at chavakali; you must sacrifice alot and determinate yourself to exemplarry performance. you must show and maintain high academic standards. This is a school where students are ever on swift movements to save time for every second to do extra studies…a school with high discipline standards..a school that has marbed alot of resources in academic materials. For christs good sake spare those innocent children degrading discussions and mockery…the vissionary model that has driven them for four years should b a reflection of good results. Perhaps i should say this…nobody expected the school would shine back to good outstanding performance and when it did…the school became a target of local petty politics both from other school principals and local politicians. They’ve been working to ensure they oust the principal Mr. Indimuli Kahi.. what i LEAST expected is that KNEC would ultimately be the emidema…the trigger that shoots the bullet…hurting innocent and hardworking students.
Chavakali produces top brains…as an alumini i excelled..i was also always amongs the top performers during my trainning days.. My other colleagues too perform exemplary in other campuses..i know many across different campuses doing law…medicine..engineering and even art courses and they’re rolling well above other students..from classwork to leadership. Moreover ave details of more yet ain the work force alraedy and figures dont just lie. I contempt Knec’s insensitive decision to cancel results of 307 candidates(anyone anywhere else should see that as abnormal per ce) Reason: that they had “almost” similar answers in Physics and English paper 2. Cumon that reasoning is obsinative…illogical..irrational and lacks basic reasonableness. Students have been taught by same teachers for a consistent 4 years under same syllabus and equal standards; what do you expect? You expect them to have equal knowledge gained and them having “almost” similar answers is an expected result of such circumstances. Chavakali uses more than 18 examination rooms..so how logical is it that even if they copied those in room 1 would have same answers with those in room 18? Any sense?? In law we say we should view circumstances in the perspective of a “reasonable man” what any layman on the streets would conclude and that’s obvious it would be unreasonable to reach a conclusion such as that of Knec examiners. I beg to understand there was no invigilation report that suggested cheating happened in the school instead a conclusion reached by knec is mere assumption of “facts”.
Anyway all these misunderstanding only hurts the hardworking teachers i know…the focused students and those parents who sacrificed alot of monetary and material resources. Soon the children are going back to resit the exams..the school will register more than 600 candidates…therefore i just hope Kaimenyi and the Corrupt Wasanga dont get surprised when chavakali records more than 400 A PLAINS & MINUS at the end of 2015 academic year. I know chavakali and I believe in it’s strive for excellence. To the candidates “get the rags back in order…clean the way and walk to the place u belong remember The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, bt in the end, it’ stands out n high over all faults.!! So whatever the conclusions r..i know your innocence is indisputable. Therefore go back to class and this time score an extra A where you had scored a B+. We the Alumini…the teachers..parents and stakeholders know well that what happened was a result of local rivalry and malicious approaches.
And so good people , Lets go out me and you and talk to the KIDS not the world. Talk with compassion and empathy. Talk to the kidsof Hope and assurance. Talk to the Kids out of the situation slowly but sure just as a parent would do with love at heart. While there remind them to read Jeremiah 29:11 of the great plans the good lord has for them as they strive for excellence granted a second chance thats sure as day. Just before we leave assure them that picking from Lupita, their dreams are valid no matter the current situation.

13 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE NATION.

  1. Don’t mess with Le Chavakali… We all are shinning outside here evidence of what the school has installed in as… Don’t give up and let not cheap careless talk pull you down… We are all greater than that… Long lived and forever CHAVAKALI FRIENDS SCHOOL will shine and make it rain on them…


  2. Don’t forget the fact they always did our average of Kcse and Mock after our former headboy Kwatemba was the First student in the country and the subsequent years and called us sleeping Giants. How ever subconsciously THE ANT PHILOSOPHY kept us strong.

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  3. i am a Nyang’ori alumni but I do agree with you,people should let Chavakali be… I appreciate the hard work of the institution… They deserve respect


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