THE ROUND UP: February In A nutshell



Phenomenally, its reffered to as the month of Love. Indeed Love is been in the air to some extent though. One of the shortest. Its been.. on your set Get Ready…..and the month was gone.


Just as we were starting to think tragedies were long overdue and settling to normal life, that Dark morning on the ever busy, wide open Kenyatta Avenue GPO spot, a city MP was short dead in the company of his two bodyguards and a driver. It was indeed traumatizing despite the fact that the man  at the  hill keeps saying security begins with you and me. You and me who are not armed in any way! Rest in PEACE for the fallen souls.


Shut from the world is the new movie in town starring Local media investors. Men its been a deadly war tagged the Global Digital Migration. Me and you have been shut from the world as the big names continue to scramble for controlling stakes , the government at the center stage. Am told its the Unfortunate 90% population relying on a fortunate 10% in a country of over 40million for information. Desparate moments call for desparate meausures and grapevine is back.


Valentine happened . Am sure some aint with a clue by now. True it might be long overdue save for the memories of a one VILLA ROSA on the traffic jammed Waiyaki way that hosted night of Diamonds going for 2.4 million and that is what was word is.


In the Political cycles PAC was the main story as legislators threw  their waight in saving one of their own from dismissal from office on grounds of corruption and unbeliavably the war was won! Talk of the Kenyan born Adage You should know people…


So far so good but not very though. Fuel prices came down slightly and the heavy traffic on all major roads can tell that well although the rest of the economy is yet to tell this story so we keep marching on for March is here!


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