All you have to do is replace you with your name above. That is my humble generous request to you. Having done that then we are good to share the view point of life.

At one point everything was just all the same. Life was good. God was the focal point of power and control as he undertook the creation process. As a strategic planner he created everything then finally made human beings in his own image and likeliness to be in charge of all that he had delivered on earth.

YOU a brand just like the NIKE, Proctor and Gamble of these world because you are a human being created in Gods image and likeliness. You have the five common senses of hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing, touching and you are also gifted by the rare sixth sense of common sense. You can walk. You can run. You can communicate.You can sleep. You can work. You can eat. You can judge.You can write.You can sing even if You don’t dance just to mention some of the many simple things that You can manage. They make You  the brand i believe You are. In a nutshell, we are all as capable as everybody else. May be its the unseen transformation we are waiting for. Nobody will transform you if you don’t take the first personal initiative. My speech may be classified among the many reminders we receive every other day but am pleased somebody is making a first move. Forget about the barriers of poverty and wealth. Forget about the barriers of lack. Forget about the barriers of disability, of complexion, just to pre- mention  a few of what you were about to sight as the reasons as to why you don’t believe in your own brand. Charity begins at home.

We all got the potential to transform the world. To make the next presidents of super powers. To become the out spoken celebrities. To be the superstars we only dream of becoming. Its all dependent on the little things we do. Your first personal initiative.

People have issues with ego and attitude because they don’t believe that they are brands. Yes its along journey of ups and downs that needs devotion and determination perfected by daily regular personal audits to meet perfectionism. We don’t  cultivate ourselves to success. All we do is wine at our worries and troubles. We wait for heaven sent angels to do that; be warned, they may take longer than we expected. Lack of self trust is what makes people suffer from L.S.E – Low Self Esteem. Low self esteem is a serious disease characterized by inferiority complex. It results to stress which matures into depression. Unknowingly, you feel sorry about yourself, your character, your visions, your situation, your future and everything else that the world offers. You become confined with limits.

Human beings embrace two approach to issues in life. The optimist approach and the pessimist approach. Just like the scenario of a glass of water with water halfway. The positive minded will give it an optimistic approach. They will say the glass of water is half full. However, the negative minded will give it a pessimist approach. They will readily say that the glass of water is half empty. I wonder where you put your good self? for it all depends with the flavor you choose to add unto life. We are told  there are three kinds of people when it comes to life. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened! Are you still wondering?

Giving life positivity clearly brings out the brand i see in you. Things may be hard, situations even trying and the future yet unpredictable but moving on is the only left option. So lets go, wipe the tears dry and build on the pieces…



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