Biblicaly we are advised to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, but who is this neighbor of ours? Many have sort to come up with different varied meanings for love, nothing is wrong with that for knowledge is power. You at the center stage, whatever the definition you have for LOVE, that’s what love is!

It’s been February 14th and valentines day; named in remembrance of Sir valentine is been here. The word is love; the color is RED. The town is painted red. Chain stores resemble red. Fashion houses display red. Restaurants also serve meals in red. Every body is a buzz with this valentines talk; better framed- Romance talk! Some are in love, others are searching for love yet others exited the Love(read dating) scene, but we all need a fair share of this lavish cake.

Being in love i think should mean being at peace with our good self with respect to the different spheres of life; spiritual, family,mental, physical, financial, career, social and recreational. A Spanish proverb dictates; when you want good service, serve yourself! So is the case when you need good loving, love yourself first! It all begins with accepting ourselves in whatever situation we could be in. Do a personal audit to appreciate the steps we have taken in life and set our eyes and energies on how to better the best. The future should be brighter; Psychologists call it mapping our lives. Research has shown  that they have achieved success those who have lived well, laughed often and LOVED much , the secret is always been excited about life. LOVE endlessly without demanding return, laugh often even at your problems (go ahead and smile at them) and live in the present not in the past only anticipating the FUTURE. Thats success- happiness; a core symptom of LOVE.

They say Shakespeare wrote about love,  Jack in Titanic, Samson in the bible,  Greek heroes; Hercules and Archilles not forgetting the popular Romeo died for love then they ask what are you going to do for love? Its Valentines yes! whether you are in love, searching for love or just gave up it should not mean any difference. Celebrate for the fact that you love yourself, you know how to respect and handle others and you appreciate everything around you. Just to acknowledge this fact, share your day with the needy; children in kid homes, orphans, the elderly, the sick at hospital and the list will grow! Avoid loneliness for it creates a feeling of emptiness prompting the grey matter to depress. Instead beat it by opening conversations . Open conversations even with strangers. In Mathematics you are advised to choose the least  or lowest common denominator, whereas in conversations; the advice is to choose the highest common factor; open up on topics that welcome discussions. Its Valentines again! let  peace, LOVE and unity be our guiding path.


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