It all began with speculations. Speculations that with the open knowledge that the final match was a late night battle , it wasnt coming live. That some of us_read me would stay out late night to catch up withthe golden cup contest. Speculations too were rife as to who would carry the day.


Waking up into Monday i had preffered that i follow up the Match at the comfort of home, to avoid among other factors, beer pressure. Indeed i dint want towake up with a heavy drowsy head withthat unpopular craving for Krest. May those with a similar opinion say nod Nay!


Just as a saviour, our very own KBC rushed to our rescue (i had intended to say my)They to air the derby live for us true Kenyans who atre yet to acquire the st-top boxes or best put who are yet to sing to the tune of digital migration. I had missed the continental affair from the start and my commitment wa right and sure to atleast catch up with the final that was about to start . Prior to the Match. i had had this unfamiliar craving for Coke. I needed it colder than winter but at the shelves i couldnt  locate a can branded with my Name yet being part of the now popular and Global share a coke campaign was my second agenda. I had to search over and over again. Fifteen minutes to the game, i located one at the shelves, ooops! it wasnt coldi acted fast to transfer it to the slide fridge and ‘waited’ hovering around the supermaket on phone sending glances from a distance that nobody picked that bottle in particular. It worked! but wait, i had to miss a few minutes of the Match!


Both the teams were determined to eitherwin the trophy or deny their bidding opponents of anopportune to do so. The first half went on with no score forthcoming. AFCON was staring a sure conclusion and only one thing was sure: that between Ghana and Ivory Coast one was to be crowned King. The Black stars or The Elephants one was to blink first. Who i dint know. No one could tell am pretty sure.


I must admit late in the second half i blinked first, surrendering into a deep nap and when i came back i couldnt figure Gervinho_ the bad boy on the Pitch. Then it was time for Penalty shoot out and the Game just turned fascinating.


Every player played their part in Full and strength and the dreary fate lay with the “PostMasters” only for the Ghanian keeper to allow him and the entire team to blink first! and men it was hard. Privy to this hed showcased an unmatched Talent at the Pitch. I saw an undeserving Ivory Coast side get away with an easy win and that was  it, History repeating itself and the Black Stars once again dissapointing at the last Minute!




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