It Pains because indeed the entire education system is staring at the dogs. Our standards and moral physique have gone too low too soon. It pains for gone are the days when having had the rare opportunity to get university education among your admiring village mates was itself prestige enough.


Indeed it pains for the fact that we all had to wait for a television exposee on “certificates of doom” to sing to the same tune of detoriation with synched accord. It pains for by the time it came on telly it was already too bad too late.


It pains for exposure alone is not justice enough. My writing too on this site aint either but rather immediate prompt and reliable action, to punish, weed out and restore order amid a promise of mayhem in a sector that should otherwise be societal pillar. It pains for i am yet to see someone stand up from the crowd and come forward with Action!


It pains for i fear for the safety of our fearless journalist who came out strong, bold and fearless to report this entire saga that had been a lucrative for a few mannerless, selfish and greedy heads for years now. It pains as well going by the retaliatory reaction that came as counter-attack from the “students” who went ahead to throw stones in support of “haki yetu_ our right” generation.


It pains indeed for the fact that the said students  Leader would not even comprehend his grammar as he fumbled to give a media briefing about the saga. It pains that he used the same misplaced grammar to lure student votes. It pains for this communicates volumes of the institutuion under public radar.


It pains for am thinking of the thousands of “wanabe aluminus” who have gone through the scam many years before without knowing and their glory is now tainted. It pains for the many students who gradauted with their exam papers unmarked. It does pain for the current crop of students that were about to be initiated through the scam and many more who were looking forward to come on board here.


It pains  for the simple but hard hitting fact that someone can easily access a certificate at three thousands shillinhgs when the rest of us pay thousands or is it millions and endure through countless boring lectures. It pains for the morals we have lost in reducing Academic certificates into baseless, useless, Cheap papers!






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