THE ROUND_UP January in A nut shell.

Still moving on and on Infact just started..
Still moving on and on Infact just started..


The Previous Year to say the Least was a fast paced one. With or without substantial progress the Year Lapsed. The Month Preeceeding January Was Marred with Door to Door Festivities and thats all i can ever remember.


Conventionally many allude the month of January that marks the start of the year to hard Economic Times subject to the uncontrolled spending spree adopted during the festive filled December.


It was meant to begin on a high note for the Swahili adage goes “siku njema huonekana asubuhi- A good day is seen in the morning” but rather took off at a sad note for Kenyans and a section of the world due to the untimely demise of the loving Elder son of the Father of opposition Politics in Kenya; Fidel Castro Odinga, named after the Cuban revolutionary leader. Rest in Eternal peace. Its no wonder twitter and a section of Social media reported the death of the real Cuban leader himself instead of our very own Kenyan Version. The world was indeed moved as everthing else was shrouded in misery.


On the global sphere, a sartirical French Media House was attacked resulting to death of atleast twelve people in what was alluded to be political retression. People took to the sreets in condemnation of the evil attacks all but to uphold Media freedom.


Across the continent, the infamous Boko-Haram continued to catastrate massacre upon peace loving Citizens, with more and more victims succumbing to the heinous acts and unlike Paris-France, no Street business in Lagos-Nigeria against such massacre!


The West continued to suffer from Ebola and i was glad but wait! sceptible when a troop of Kenyan medical Volunteers were dispatched West to help fight the staring danger thats Ebola.


For matters Football, It was all joy for the majority anti-Blues congregation as chelsea was humbled 5 goals at White hart lane. We hoped the EPL table would change but every one else staggered as well and the status Quo was maintained as it is. Football too was hapenning across Africa as AFCON set off with the controversey of our very own Amrouche who awarded a foul offside staring as last lines man.


And i must accept January Herself she is a real coward for she took off as soon as she realised i wasnt cowed by her alluded toughness.


Welcome LOVE!





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