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Now in the 21st Century but Africa as a whole is terribly burried deeply in grave poverty. As a result of this wanting vise its people are languishing in diseases, discrimination, lack of basic needs and health facilities and so on the society at the receiving end has no peace at all. People have hence turned greedy materialistic. Leaders burn with lust for power to fulfill their selfish, corrupt and ill-advised desires. The whole scenario has given birth to egoism and self-centredness. Many allegde it to long years of colonialisation by European states but NO! Our brothers South Africa gained self rule just recently:1993 yet they are miles a head setting reasonable pace in development. Aren’t they part of Africa?! As a convenience measure towards curbing the poverty vice and atleast keep the clock ticking, African states have resorted to aid as the survival plan. Africa itself is poor and hence the entire aid genesis is obviously foreign.

On an optimistic approach, aid is a bit helpful. For instance, it has instilled some sense of togetherness and cohesive interelation among states at a global sphere. Talk of being your brothers keeper. People strive to thrive in solidarity by helping each other. In the long run those who are helped out of hard times feel a sense of Love and kindness. They can not give up with the struggle for life for atleast someone somewhere cares for them!. The interaction through aid thus bears forth peaceful co-existence and long term interrelation. From a giving end, these foreign Nations feel proud when their innovative self initiated projects are appreciated. Through this emerges foreign business and cohesive development for together we stand as divided we fall terribly!

In  most cases aid becomes too mandatory especially in extreme conditions of starvation. Resources are totally exhausted and there’s nothing more to lean on. poor people die uncontrollably due to extreme famine and long term starvation. Lives are massively lost. The only mitigation intervention is soliciticing for aid from foreign countries and donor partners.  Necessities are thus supplied to the subjects in question. The starving souls are thus restored with life. From here they can be advice and rightfully coached on how to stand on their own. In instances of hunger and starvation, there’s helplessness and only aid is the last resort. We therefore cant afford to say NO! when its mercifully granted at our disposal.

During such extreme situations, aid is also too handy for it raises alarms of concern by exposing the underlying situation to the world and wellwishers. The situation in Africa currently needs collective responsibility to reach what we may call a solution. Its a story of many hands make work easier. The world therefore can figure out possible long term solutions to end these verdicts. Wellwishers will also be in a position to help arrive at a worthwhile and lasting sound solution instead of the usual and now monotonous aid! Majority of the world population passively hears of the tragedies that stagnant Africas growth. By coming in with their aid they tend to practically see and feel the depth of it all. It therefore stirs up their mental productivity as  a stimuli towards concerted efforts.


On the other hand, i strongly feel that the issue of aid in Africa should be discouraged at the first sight. Aid i guess we know bounds alot of negativity. Aid is not allocated equatably and the basis too is unregular. It thus goes without saying that it is not that helpful. What do we turn to when sooner than later the small portions we receive run out? When are we to expect the next share of the pie? and now specifically from who? Is it our right? Is it mandatory or obligatory? The list of querries heightens as we ponder in despair. So do we now just sit back and wait for the biblical manner from heaven?


Moreso, long term exposure to aid forms  some sort of artificial addiction. We finish what we have and spread our hands wide enough for more. I a nutshell it kills the fighting spirit of hardwork and consistent determination filling us to capacity with uncalled for laziness. we fail to work and get used to simple favours. Our holy book says “he who does not work is not entittled to food?” This vice; Poverty has been accepted given a conducive environment to mushroom and has thus formed a tight knit bond with Africa.  Africans have thus resorted to Aid which is a much simpler alternative to making ends meet. Reaping where we have not sowed leading to Escapism. We avoid to labour in our fertile fields to eat our own sweat but instead wait for aid from foreign states! Work was ordained by our creator. We work yes! fine thank you but we need to work work and work harder towards independence. As we know it is not mandatory that the developed nations dispose their help to us. What if they decided otherwise one day and then for life? What are the underlying mitigation measures in place? This is why most African countries languish in the third world, Poverty stricken zone.


On a wider scale, it has revolted to neocolonialism. This  to many is a day dream. Most are in the dark that they are being colonised even after rightful attainance of ‘self rule’ Chief political decisions have to originate from these developed nations. Then what the hell are we independent for? There’s colonisation of both the mind and character. We feel too civilised when we copy everything western. As Africans we have ended up killing our own natural creativity and originality that was once novel. In as much as we enjoy the aid, we surrender all of our rightful freedom of decision. We make no decision not utill we consult! How shall we equatably compete to rise out of salvage to clinch the prestigious first world country tittles?


Theres evident human exploitation. In form of aid we are easily used as guinea pigs to test genetically processed products. Ironically, we receive with double hands humbly strectched out for more help! In additional appreciation our citizens migrate to reside in those foreign states. These are ptential sporting talents that would have otherwise been rightfully tapped here at home to boost our standing.


Long term overdependence on aid and grants from developed nations has stagnanted the developmental progress in African states. We have fallen victims of circumstances and feel no proud to mould our own destiny. We thus fail to ignite change on our side always waiting for everything to be done for us. Pacesetters tend to be our eye openners. We are only to implement what we have seen them succeed in.  Poor have we forgotten that the best angle to initiate a project is the try angle. When are we going to be role models of our own?


Least said and done, aid can be a very good initiative but at the same time a verybad one. As highlighted above the pessimist side heavily outweighs the positive side of it. In a nutshell Africa should cease depending on aid and look out for long term solution to the current sympathetic situation that is burning it to ashes. Theres still great room for improvement for accordingto the legends, Its never too late untill its finished. Not untill we re-discover that he who relys on his brother’s property dies poor, we will keep on inheriting Poverty instead of property!


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