This Debate Is Not Just Ending.



Indeed yes, by now am pretty sure that this debate is not bound to end any time soon going by the trends its creating.


A story is told of a prestigious King of the olden days kingdom who had unmatched obsession with clothes. In preparation for an upcoming kingly function in the neighbourhood, he purposed to dressto kill. Starting out just in time, he reached out to his personal designer who promisrd to make him an out of the world outfit that would get heads turning. The said designer though assured the king that the outfit is invinsible to hi  but everyone else could see it. Our king was the happiest for the tabled offer and paid heavenly for it. On the Material day, the king was “dressed” and off he was in the streets for the function greeting his supporters the President style. Just as he was assured, heads turned left right and centre to his satisfaction but to the dismay of a staring population. “Hes gone Beserk!,” some thought. It took the courage of one daring man who took the bull by the horns to confront the man asking him why he was walking naked on the streets!


Just as we were about to close the year late last year, our sisters and “several mothers” stormed the streets of Nairobi advocating for non-dressing rights. Or was it dressing rights? somebody please help clarify.


The Events leading to this show down was a series of uncooth behaviour with a section of men who decided to undress some girls in publicto what they defended as skimpy dressing. This in itself is uncivilised and not justifiable at all but the manner in which our sisters ran left right and centre in the streets half naked was equally unjustifiable as well.


What followed were weeks and days of my dress my choice campaign which am in total support of, for our local textile industry should thrive at all Efforts. Indeed we dont want people defying the civilization of the Twnty first Centuary to walk in the streets naked. That in itself sabotages our concerted efforts of ensuring profitability within the Textile Industry. Mark Twain once said clothes make the man. Naked People have little or no influence on this society.


We should all dress up. Not necessarily to kill but one way or the other we should dress. The definations of Modern_Sassy/Oldfashioned_Reserved, Short_too short/Long_too long, Good_too good/Bad_too bad will come and are probablymeant to be with us  but go on and dress, dress in what appeals to you, what makes you comfortable, that which you consider a great value for your money and as a loving patriotic citizen that which whole-heartedly supports the profitability of our dwindling local textile industry.


My Dress my choice, am pretty convinced its just a debate that we are not bound to end anytime soon!



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