Sorry for her. Proud that she recovered.
Sorry for her. Proud that she recovered.


It happened first and furios. To me it was like a scene from a movie. This week Langata Road has been a bee hive of activities courtesy of the Drama at Langata Road Primary school. Indeed the whole saga is pathetic and overly disgusting. Just from the start it read mischief. From the way the hired police were well stationed at the scene long before the drama. The way parents dropped in pupils suspicion all spread on their faces. The manner at which the pupils stared at the mushrooming walls with anxiety and by how the onlookers were just that; Onlookers. I had first caught word of the entire scenario on an early morning radio show with reports of a forthcoming activists demos.


It Had happened. Yes it happened for the sake of Society; the majority poor and Landless but to the despair of those in power, power that has suddenly gotten sweeter than the people who created it. All hell broke loose when the pupils were released for Morning break. The kids all innocent chanted “haki yetu!” “haki yetu!” (Our right our right) as they descended on the metallic gate that moved no inch. The armed men stared amid cracks from the inside. All efforts seemingly futile, the young lads retracted to their compound where they regrouped and restrategized to push the wall from inside the school compound. It bowed to pressure and curved inside – “success at last!” I thought. No sooner had they realised that i was fully according my rally behind them than the air went smelly with tear gas. Helter skelter they took off bombarding into each other. The worse turned to worst. I tink i gave up following.


The president set the ball rolling, he barked with anger habouring a big majority of his face. His Sentiments were terse and clear. He blamed the Cabinet Secretary for Land and the Lands Commision chair in equal measure. His resolution was deep that someone was sleeping on their job and action lay in wait. Action that i would guess wasnt friendly.


The CS for Land on her side seemingly confused would not tell pretty sure as to whether the land in question was for a private developer or for the school in dispute but her thoughts were strong for school and speculative for the other party. She blamed it on the unreconciling Records at her offiuce. The land commission chair on his side was quick to accept that they just assumed duty “the other day” and they are nowhere midway in unearthing the seriual land grabbing menace in Kenya. It read like surrender to defeat in adversity. To him grabbers are just too daring; a schools playground?!.


The school blamed the government for not intervening pretty early enough but in retalatiory talk the government was strong enough to blame the school head in particular for teaming up with the Activists and the civil society to use kids in activisim but Mr Government, desparate moments call for desparate Measures.


The Public, the international community and i we were watching. In this we collectively thought that the whole thing had just gone too far! Somebody should stand up and not only speak but take action. Action that will differentiate Chaff from Wheat. Action that will culminate in giving pupils space to play and heal from the Trauma! We got looped in the blame game cycle as well. We blamed the Police in particular for getting too brutal with the kids. How on Earth do you throw tear gas cansters to small helpless boys and girls?? We blamed everyone else but the government on the large scale for not taking prompt action just because “a powerful, silent Private developer was to be protected by state resources at the expense of a million public.”. Last on our list we blamed the Private Developer for being too selfish and greedy.


Am sure the said “Private developer” sat somewhere away from the scene unseen, him too blaming the government for not stopping him early enough before he started the grabbing process. “Where were they to stop me? Were they meant to wait i start construction for them to realise this land was no longer public! Was it really necessary that they allow the kids to get dragged in to this whole saga? ”


And somewhere at Langata road Primary School:

Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pupil: A Private Developer.


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