"Corn Experts on rampage take heed"
“Corn Experts on rampage take heed”


Conventionally people would loose possesion through theft. Theft that was physically evident. You would hear of armed robbery, burglary and so forth. Break ins were a common phenomena in the neighbourhood. Memories of broad day light thuggery are however still fresh. A friend even joked that in “Majengo_a ghetto on the Nairobi Periphery”, a guy would just approach and ask “nigga how much can you part with for for a shirt such as that one that boy is dorned? When intrested and give a  counter offer, they would go a head and snatch it off him and the sale would be sealed there and then. In the recent days such scenarios have been on a slow. But does it mean that people nolonger loose possessions? Hell not!


James is a taxi operator in the rowdy busy CBD. He recaped to me how he lost a hard earned five thousands. “On that fateful Saturday business had been on a record low. Money was scarce and it was even within my plan  that i had home for an afternoon nap. Not untill this promisingbusiness man showed up. “Boy shall you ferry my luggages to Zimmerman?,” he chipped. Ooh yes, I rejoined. We headed down to river road and stopped at some building where some three boxes had been heaped waiting. With his help, i loaded two into the backside and one on the back seat of my newly acquired Toyota NZE. Driving off he chatted like a normal town boy. His stories were strong politics and mild football” “Oooh My! Just remebered i needed to add some more stock,” he exclaimed justifying why i was to borrow him an extra five thousands to repay on destination. “My passenger however overstayed. My instinct sensed a foul play but i down played it with the reassurance that he had left a full winery in my vehicle. I waited. Waited and waited. Desparate moments call for desparate measures. The champion thats me, i took off with his stock. I knew i had nailed him for playing tricks on me. This lesson will never escape his damn memory. Boy it was all merry and party as i grouped my boys back at the Estates  for a get together reunion only to wake to the dull realisation that i had been ferrying empty cheap liqour bottle collection. I cursed every one in attendance.”


Lisa she had desparately needed to sell off her lovely laptop to acquire some extra cash for a weekend Jig. OLX had an answer. As the norm was, she called this budding buyer whow she met in a company of a friend. The two identified as Surgeon_Buyer and Lawyer_ Friend. The deal was scheduled for the next day after viewing. Lisa recounted “picking me from my apartment, we headed to the shopping centre where they were to withdraw some cash equivalent to the value we had settled for my laptop. As we neared a petrol station that had some ATM points to the rear exit, my Surgeon friend dressed in a white working overall requested i leave my bag on the front seat as his friend sought a favourable parking. We headed towards the ATMs that had a short moving queue. I was conviced to guzzle on some soft drink to coll off as i waited for my pay as he queued for his turn. I have  come to realise that perhaps the drink got tastier for i never got settled my eyes on him to date.”


“Calling in, he sounded like a long term nigga we had reconnected after years in diaspora.” This is as my friend Job set off sharing histaste of the Cake. “I was given your number by Mama Bob from the Parish, and its with connection to this prestigious job openning at the bank where i work currently. I need to hook you on board, by the way consider it done. Just email through your details in brief.” “Afterwards he called back and thanked me for my promptness citing that they needed some 1k for Logistical preparations before the interview day. I hang up  promising to get back . My first call was to my dear friend Mama Bob , she was aware of the entire thing and she even gave me a firm reassurance. I sorted him out and the interview was due the folllowing Monday. Over the weekend we’d alredy developed a close friendship with this stranger to the point of Buying into his idea of sending through more cash for interview exam connections as he put it. Monday i was at the venue prepared to turn over a new leaf. Only to be told that it was news that i had was visiting them without an appoitment and that whatever i was telling them would have been a master piece for the seven pm Bulletin.”




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