Goal setting path…..


Know what you want.

This ideally makes your dream rather goal physical, you can see it, feel it and  want to get it however big or small it might appear in thought.

Know when you want it.

They say time is Money. Indeed yes but Money only when you Act to convert time to money. Tagging your goal to a time line makes it clear thus achieavable.

List the rewards and consequences.

Just as in a class of fourty students,Performance will obviously vary in most cases while categorising the top ten and bottom ten are spotlighted. In advanced cases the top rather best performers are presented with some rewards for their good work. This Phenominal can best work with goal setting as well. It boosts morale to succed and sets a barrier to avoid failure.

Identify Potential Obstacles.

Obstacles will always come up. To succed identify and avoid them but best if possible turn them into stepping stones to go higher.

Determine the Knowledge and skillls you must acquire.

What skills and Knowledge will make your goal materialise just in time? Its worthy that you identify and collectively have them within your reach.

Compile a list of the people, Groups and organisations you need to associate with.

Networking is handy it helps complete the dots. Mentorship, direction, word of advice and there you are.

Design step by step Action Plan.

Just like savings for example, the advice is save with a goal. In which case, you have a bigger picture you are aiming for in mind but tghem bit by bit you navigate towards it time after time.

An Action Plan rather will define the mission to your Vision and just as the year goes on and on let your GOAL move along.



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