always have a great weekend when it comes...
Always have a great weekend when it happens…


The long awaited weekend finally showed up with goodies too much to carry. It was a case of a deal being too good to be true and indeed it was.


It was the weekend. I was divided between attending some business interests, being part of the yearly Book Fair at the Sarit Centre-Westlands, Stamping my feet at the overly feted Safaricom Sevens tournament at Kasarani Stadium and at the same time Perform the Football Ritual in England just as it happens over the weekend.


There i was with options as open as the day. I thought hard and wide and everything needed attention asap! The struggle was so intense that Making a choice seemed like a matter of life and death.

All i knew, i had to make a decision which one i dint know. The weekend wasn’t there to last and as it is Time waits for no master. I waited waited and waited again for some decision to struck and as i waited the Weekend wasted away. By the time i was out of the wait It was Monday Morning! The cycle had began. The weekend had happened. Everything had happened big and square only that i was the absentee spectator. I felt isolated by life itself by the events that i had looked forward to with unmeasured Eagerness and all in all by my unpreparedness to make decisions at the right time. Its Monday and life should go on and on. Everything should happen whether am part of it or not


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