Blood flows...
With fond remembrance for the heroes who succumbed to the Deadly terror Attack..Its one year later.



Indeed one year later we are still one. We have been one, We were made to be one and we will always be one . For i believe we are meant to be  one.


A country united on its on struggles with total commitment geared towards eliminating  whatever obstacles that we can , solving whatever problems that are amongst us and enduring to be our brothers keepers that we are supposed to be. In both the above paragraphs am pretty sure that i managed to define Kenya.


The evil Terrorists came a year  ago and struck dead hard at our prestigious Westgate Mall claiming up to seventy two lives-based on Global Terrorism Database…Rest in peace. Thousands were hurt and many more orphaned. Not to mention the billions of properties that were left for ruins. The Villains came with one goal to destroy and separate on religious lines but it all backfired in their bloody faces. For indeed they destroyed but what was left was a Nation that was united in defeat- We are one , forget the scars, forget the dark memories . They will all go with time our oneness won’t.


Over the weekend the Westgate anniversary was commemorated in style and glamor. This time around, we dint shade tears, neither did we retaliate the cowardly terrorists. All we did was celebrate resurrection; success of victims who survived a deadly terror attack to live another better life. It is a story of moving on-home coined version..


Am sure we learnt lessons. Lessons that will propel us into future preparedness. Never again to be caught unaware. The true realisation that we are all here on Earth to help others what others are here for should not be part of our worries.


Unfortunately, One year later questions unanswered still linger our minds. What was the real intention of the attack? Who were the attackers really? Were they killed as it has always been claimed? Where did the said bodies dissappear to? Why dint the intelligence take a quick step to act to the raised alarm? Was somebody responsible? who? Will someone take responsibility and provide an answer sheet for this???




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