Its Struggle for the Strongest Survival for the Fittest......Otherwise Game of Numbers.
Its Struggle for the Strongest Survival for the Fittest……Otherwise Game of Numbers.


When it comes to the CUSTOMER and when they purchase your product, They will either be Disastified, Satisfied or Delighted. Why? There are different levels of a product as:

Core Product; Is the most basic level of a product. It is the core problem solving benefits that consumers look for in a product. It addresses what the customer is really buying. For instance when a customer buys a Condom, the real benefit is protection.

Actual Product; Marketers must turn benefits into actual product around the core product. For example in the case of the condom, the condom itself is the actual product.

Expected Product; this is a set of attributes and conditions the buyers normally expect and agree to when they purchase the product . For instance in a hotel, consumers expect to find a clean room, clean towel, working bulbs and so on.

Augmented Product; this meets the Customers desires beyond their expectations. In which Case a hotel Manager may augment his or her products by including a remote control, T.v, Fresh flowers, Fine dinning among others. What Motivates The Customer Reactions above?


Disatisfaction; A customer is thus disatisfied upon the realisation that whatever product they have made decision to buy does not meet the need they had in mind when they were deciding on what to buy. In most cases disatisfaction means trouble and most likely more trouble…

Satisfaction; A customer is Satisfied when the product they have purchased serves or meets the purpose for which it was intended. Its thus value for Money. This is safe since it means more business coming through as the customer will most likely come back for more purchase.

Delight; On the other hand, a customer is delighted when the product they purchased meets and superceds or exceeds the intended purpose or and use. It means more value for money to them. This is very safe for it means more and more business. Delighted Customers will always come back with their friends and friends of friends…Start smiling all the way to the bank.





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