Conversations with myself.

Winston Eboyi Tony
This story…


Whats Your Name; Winston Eboyi Tony is my name

You in a paragraph: Am Many things. Am a self-made Entrepreneurer, Project manager,  Motivator, Writer/Blogger and Life Enthusiast. I love networks and growing them everyday makes me happy.

I have; Mad loving for Gadgets. Music is good. Movies are worth my time and people with some positivity get me attached.

Memories; Growing up i yarned for adult life. I thought adults were just adults. They were more in control, busy on schedule and always had somewhere to go or do with their time. Now as an Adult i think Children are just too lucky with all the care around but as a child i will always want to be the adult i am.

I Think; that Money is important but only as a means to a specified end.

From another Perspective; Wealth creation after a while is just the mounting stresses of ownership and the creeping fear of loss.

Best Definations; Efficiency is concerned with doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

My greatest dream: I need to make the world a better Place


And as i pen off; Take Note please…

from the word go...
from the word go…

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