Kenya my motherland...
Kenya my motherland…


Indeed Kenya is our sweet motherland. We are Team Kenya. We are one. we love Kenya and thus “Twajivunia kuwa wakenya” Despite the hurdles…..Ruto says “turn them into Stepping stones and form bridges on your way to prosperity”


Its been fifty years of calling it KENYA and counting and just the other day we had the rare honour to celebrate Kenya at Fifty its thus Fifty years a state. We have a thick history spanning all the way from the Maumau groupings, the dark post colonial days, multipartysim, The tainted PEV;Post Election Violence,The coalitions, The rebirth:new constitution to the modern Kenya.


History has it that in the precolonial Kenya MauMau Groupings were popular for the cry of Black man liberation from the Whites rule its then that the Kenyan History started shaping up thats over fifty years ago.

Just after independence we experienced the dark Post Colonial Kenya coming immediately after the white rule,. Put in simple words, it was colonialism but this time around under fellow black men. Its this season that cultivated faulty grounds that sprouted corruption, nepotism, tribalism and all the dark clouds that have hanged ever since. It makes our history Fifty years later.

Multipartysim clamor however was the vehicle that came in to save the day. Talk of second liberation. Indeed it did work to some extend Right but with time came the symbiotic association with the old structures leading to towing the line the wrong side. Fifty years on the parties are too many but too issueless.

Up to 2007 animosty was heartly harboured in everyones soul due to the “dark clouds” and this birthed the tainted 2007 PEV: Post Election Violece whose only memory is too bad. Now fifty years and counting oo God help that this never happens again!

Politics has ever since been at the centre stage. Self-centred ruling Coalitions have carried the day with agendas driven towards enriching the deepening Gap between the minority rich and the majority poor. After fifty year it seems the only course the Political wagon has taken is Coalitions; the home language is “Tyranny of numbers”

The rebirth as every one tends to think is when we voted for and promulgated the new constitution under the former regime. A constitution that already is being manipulated. It was a misdoing to some extent, balooning the national wage bill through governance structures that have failed to take off- someone say creating jobs for the wrong bracket but fiffty years on things will change hopefully.

Mordern Kenya here we are, with same problems only uped quantities, similar hopes only renewed and now monotonous prayers but we choose to PUSH; Pray Until Something Happens. Fifty years later our expectations were tooooooo high or dint we set SMART goals. Our resilience has kept us strong and only hope FIFTY YEARS moving on there should be light at the end of the Dark Tunnel.



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