The best..
One of The best..


On this platform is where me and you share the closest interaction. It makes my evenning worth spreading a read around the globe.


Then came the wild craving for movies, and movies i watched. Watched with passion. Passion that am dumb sure i cant measure. I sacrificed sleep. Sacrificed time for foes. Sacrificed personal space and worst of all had to trade my blogging rights for it then world cup came calling…


I succumbed to the watery lures of mingling between movies and the overnight world cup matches. To the little extent it was fun. Fun that i dint enjoy though for i suffered the pain of not writing which unfortunately was spread to you by fate against your will. You could not read. Its the reason i wrote to say sorry.


Movies as i have experienced offers a visionary world that is competitive to the existant world. The Movie world however is perception. At one point its close and seemingly real yet most oftenly its far away, unreal and indeed unimaginable. Movies have this tendency to naturally instigate onesdeepest imaginations and momentarily captures them spontaneously. It entertains, educates, informs, deceives and all in all gets you laughing and thinking. My biggest friction with Movies thus is that they totally and fully take control of you. They get you commited with passion to watch. The only other thing you do best is anticipate the turn of events based on the character formation.


Football on the other hand the untamed ability to command attention. As a spectator you “literally play” in the mind as you watch. It even takes you to the extent of shouting at the bulky player who strides at the ball aimlessly. Heated derbys especially will leave you supporting both sides at one point You dont want one side to score before the other yet you want a winner out of it all. You want the game to go on and on. You never have enough.


World cup is long overdue but Football will always live on. Movies are part of us but my commitment thus; everything at its right time. Blooging creates a relaxed mini-world around us and thats real passion. Bring on your story too.


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