Take the ball..
Calm down we’ve beaten them before…Laugh at them they thought i won’t manage…Gunners again! just smiling.


The weekend that just past was full of activities football. Football fanatics were up and glam with football politics. At one point it gets good then too good finally bad or even too worse. Too worse especially when the defending champions are not yet nearing their usual position.

The current form of the English premier league gets the tongues waggling. Some team at the top, several competitor following up. The real focus some points away but coming soon.

Football madness is what describes the reactions that follows especially a very decisive football match. Some glair, Others wonder, Yet for others its OOH MY GOD!. The best class of reactors will give themselves some hope. Hope for a more positive next season.Another class of reactors  i guess the worst choose something more physical and memorable…

In the recent past there have been worst scenarios of born football fans taking the ropes as soon as their royal teams lost a deciding match! “ghostly,”  i thought. Indeed theres nothing wrong with supporting your team to the last minute, with weardest cheers, at the toppest tones or wherever the style that gets your adrenaline flowing but please please put up some limits. Am thinking  it’s a fact, you know those players by their fourth nicknames, you know when they were  born, where and where they live, what they drive, what they own, whom they date and the list is endless…..upon them, they know for once they have several deadly fans around the world…maybe you are counted among several, separately or nowhere but i’ll argue with you you exist within the fanatic fraternity i too. Now you can tell where the limits come in…


The football season is unfolding hot and surprising…keep the watch…tame the limits.



The legend leaves on.
The legend leaves on.




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