drink but don't drive
Drink but don’t drive or dont drink …drive. Best as well drink and walk home.

Transport is an integral part of our daily lives. At least in one way or another we move from one place to another.

Then there are alternative means of transport but themajor spotlight is on Road Transport which is as well the widely recognised.

Road usage conventionally sounds like a jargon for drivers only but it should be a song sung by everyone and all of us indeed. Am talking of Spectators,Pedestrians,Cyclists, Riders, Drivers and the list i guess is endless…

SPECTATORS: They are on the road just to pass time, they are neither going anywhere but probably coming from somewhere. Some are just nature watchers, some as a leisure activity count vehicles but for some reasons they are there….

PEDESTRIANS: In advanced serttings they use the pavements along the main roads. In normal occassions they walk along the bare, soily untarmaked side of the road along traffic. They are from somewhere and probably have a destination in mind. They go on foot. Here the imaginary brands include; footsubishi, Shoebaru, Feetz, Kneesan, Walkswagen depeding on the forward acceleration speed. As human beings we are in control of the road. To always observe road safety measures. We too need to learn the art of giving way for example. Have you ever walked behind a group of people pulling themselves as if Hurry was the latest vocabulary for them to hear and especially on the busy City streets? Gosh!

CYCLISTS/RIDERS: Mostly there road usage is barely recognised. They are not as visible as the rest on some form of two-wheeled machinery. They appear organised. Some on fun rides. Some ferrying two or three customers and the trade goes on. Convetionally Enviromentalsts fearing impending climate change advice that we cycle to work rather than drive when walking is not an option.

DRIVERS: The major focus all admit is on them. Its here we have the real brands of: Subaru, Mitsubishi, Vokswagen and so on.Vehicle classes range from small to medium to heavy. Categoricallythey are classified as either private or PSV: passenger service vehicles. The later and Matatus to be specific are termed as the mother of road based mayhem. At one point we go to driving schools and finally we are licensed before we hit the roads running. We probably learnt the rules and regulation. That RED means stop and flickering Orange after Green means get ready to go….

Road accidents have been on a steady rise claiming dozens of innocent lifes across the country. The situation is yet to be contained. The strangest of all involved A commuter train and a commuter bus. How on earth does that  happen?

KENYA: The scene of an accident involving a train and a passenger bus.
KENYA: The scene of an accident involving a train and a passenger bus.

Just the other day something strange happenned and the above photo partially explains what can be the aftermath of a ghostly accident involving a CBD bound commuter bus and a train!!.

The festive season is around the corner don’t drink and drive. Never!


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