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Curtailing Freedom of Expression is denying the majority a chance to represent and a room to be heard….

The Kenyan media fraternity has grown fast and sensibly outrageous. Media is diverse from Print to Electronic. Most factors kept constant, Electronic media and TV specifically is more popular in Kenya due to its innate ability to visually  interact with the audience on close approach. Radio too has a considerably larger following. The print media is slowly but steady catching up. this is as based on the degree and level of end user interaction.

The past few days (should be a month or so)have had the biggest uproar across the media fraternity across Kenya. The Genesis was an  unpopular Media bill by the August House seeking to curtail the media freedom.

Learners of History categorically state that majority if not many of the radical changes across the Kenyan Social, Economic and political spheres are owed to the media or Media inclined initiatives. Its media the saw us move from the olden dark days of dictatorial governance where Democracy was comprised in broad daylight. It is said.

Just recently we have seen the media highlight worst end scenarios in society that resulted to well wishers chipping in to help reach what we may call a considerable solution. A good case scenario is the Documentary on some girls living with the big challenge of facing periods without sanitary wares. Eventually people teamed up to donate sanitary towels!
The media too made it possible for the majority common mwanachi to keep pace with the controversial Westgate attack. As far as security is concerned such initiatives help reduce level of harm.

These are just but a few highlights in support of the role the media is playing all along. A big applause thus goes to the president for pulling down the anonymous/infamous bill as soon as it reached his desk amid the loud and clear cry by Kenyans fearing oppression!

Go ahead write, shoot but we are watching?!!
Go ahead write, shoot but we are watching?!!