Its been a story of perseverance
Its been a story of pressing on,  of ever seeing the GLASS as half full rather half empty of not looking backwards in fear but forward with sheer determination to succeed…Tony

And today am humbled as i pass this test. Am totally grateful to YOU for being a co-player in this success story and once again thank you.

With this golden opportunity i thank our ALMIGHTY CREATOR for breathing in me a breath of life. Thank you for vigor,power, knowledge and understanding that you created in me.Thank you God for the daily energy that made me move on and on and on… Thank you.

To my FAMILY MEMBERS and RELATIVES thank you for your support. Thank you once again for being part of this worthy course . For always setting me up above my troubles to show me that indeed i was meant to make it.

The INNER ME, i feel great full that you drive me. To always make me record the extra mile. Even when the road got dusty and messy you said move on and indeed its now that i appreciate most…..Thank you.

My TEACHERS across the boards thank you thank you thank you so much for igniting in me the fire of success. Thank you for the marvelous intellectual transformation you have bestowed on me and now i say Thank you.

FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES and COMRADES thank you all for being there always when we needed each other most . Thank you for the fact that we are meant to go own and own and on. Thank you for being generic academic resource and life coaches at the same time. Thank you.

EVERYONE else  aboard thank you thank you thank you and thank you so much for making it happen. I love the fact that we enjoy a cohesive,  mutual symbiotic relationship in life.

For a journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step and this is a step halfway…


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