Blood flows...
Its not African, Asian or Briton Blood flows freely in our veins without the borders of race or color. We are out to save a life we refuse to be cowed…

Its now five months and counting. Its been indeed long since we had conversations on Nationhood. One people, One Nation one purpose One goal. Yes we are one! Why five months, i was talking of the baby digital governance.

Right away from the start nothing was right. Hopes were high then too low, Low then too high. All in all it was expectations day in day out. Immediately after the decisive landmark General elections under a new constitution, majority of Kenyans lived in denial. Denial of a stolen victory with hopes high to move on and wish things will work out anyway. Amid crisis after crisis, the government has struggled to make ends meet. Lets see if we keep toll here……


Just as they assumed office, our hounourable members launched tough campaign to lament that some salaries and remuneration commission had only allocated “peanuts” for them unlike their immediate successors. On this they spoke on one accord without a trace of the usual political affiliation. Unfortunately they were alone for everybody felt otherwise!

As the storms settled, civil servants all of a sudden too realised that theirs was a raw deal. Teachers hit the street chanting like highschool kids of olden years in the name of “we want our right……..hatutaki nyeyenye…fimboooo chapa!” They went. The matter was headed into something nasty not untill some deal was cracked overnight by a deputy president. Nurses, Doctors and other civil servants followed suit but life continued for the normal mwananchi.

The opposition gave its watchful eye in its oversight role. They had been one and the same as they made noise for pay rise but a rift came from the blues. Someone is for devolution yet someone else is killing it! “we need more funding to the counties” They said and staged a platform for a referendum…

The biggest monster not withstanding; ICC came calling. The agreed deadlines too close and butterflies everywhere. “They are our people,they should be tried back at home”. “No! choices have consequences we told you!” Then finally baby steps were made to move a motion to move Kenya out of the Rome statue to beat the ICC monster of which fate is still unknown. Its been politics politics and more politics. Ooh! somebody come save this ship!


The weekend seemed busier than usual. It was Saturday 22nd the September and nothing looked a miss, rumors that culminated into news talked of a looming upmarket attack. Forced robbery or something. Security agencies were in “control” as communicated But wait, did i mention a terror attack at a renown city mall!! Indeed it was now happening live like the movies on all television channels. Though untimely, it was terrifyingly true. For the four days that followed, it was exchange of fire between armed militia men/terrorists and our security agencies backed by both local and international well-wishers. Helpless  kids lost lives, women weak as never cried to death , men too succumbed to bullets. No one blinked an eye. The scene was full of mayhem. Everyone did whatever they could to save a situation. Prayers were said, contributions were made in bulging amounts as condolences streamed in. On the fourth day, success was reached. Success that up to a hundred dead , dozens under medication! It was success for yet still thousands were rescued and indeed heroes were made!

Everyone forgot the differences among us. Rules were bent and boarders crossed for the dear sake of our fellow country men who had been held hostage. No more politics. No more racism. No more discrimination. No more tribalism. No more more hatred. No more economic class ratings. Indeed WE ARE ONE and my tribe is Kenyan.



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