“Why our has been a striking Nation”

Most people can stay motivated for two or three months. A few people can stay motivated for two or three years but a winner can stay motivated for thirty years or as long as it takes to win
Most people can stay motivated for two or three MONTHS A few people can stay motivated for two or three YEARS but a winner can stay motivated for thirty YEARS or as long as it takes to win.

The year you will prove has been a busy one. So much has taken place in so little time that one wonders how? Where? When? and the questions i will bear evidence will not end any time soon. Ours is a great nation indeed. Everybody is proud to be associated with it. Tourists too flock in and out. We love it save for the dramas we are now trainning ourselves to affirm and get used to.

The year 2013 had to begin on a high note with anticipation for a landmark historical election of six elective posts slotted for March after a delay from december of the preceeding year. The election on question was indeed highly anticipated due to its uniqueness and to the fact that the previous election had concluded with a dangerous bloodshed that left our great country in devastating ruins. The country was still and perharps is still on the course of healing. A new constitution was thus in place and the new Government was meant to aide with implementation. Then the huge devolution talk whose main aim was to decentralise national resources to avoid cases of marginalisation that was believed to have been the chief fuel of violence in the previous election.

So we waited, waited and waited again. Everyone preached PEACE till the election came and went save for the many doubts of who actually won?! and the landmark unonimous Supreme Court ruling to confirm the new Goverment. Okay let history be history and by gones be called by gones!

The new Government has been under extreme Pressure trying to balance between so many priorities under an oversight of an armed to tooth opposition just to mention but a few;- re-unite the nation as one(the doubting loosers and the winners), fullfill the many campaign promises made during electioneering period but still manage the national agendas, balance between the priorities of Devolved goverments and the National government, Solve some matters with the ICC_International Criminal Court and at the same time please Kenyans with Digital governance alongside appeasing the international community (read Britain and The US) who had warned “choices have consequences!?”. I was almost failing to mention the now popular laptop per child agenda and the warmly received free maternal care for the births coming after the inaugral of the digital governance.

As early as the second week of office our honoured members of parliament embarked on a concerted war against the newly created salaries and remunaration commission. They were furious that the slotted mothly pay packages were not enough to sustain their newly attained status. There loomed cropping a generation of poor celebrities!. Every one shouted. The Public. The media.The civil organisations and the entire saga galvanised into some memorable drama episodise-MPigs. Eventually the tides cooled down and the poor celebs are nolonger poor!

Its some days ago. Barely a hundred days in office for our new government and guess what? Our honoured teaching fraternity downed their toolls! Oops! so bad. Their employer TSC was against the strike. The young government too felt that time was not yet ripe for them to raise pay alarms. The teachers themselves were determined to fight tooth and nail for these their rights in denial. Students suffered. Parents were divided between supporting the teachers and sending their kids back to school due to now balooning spending budgets! Some divide and rule formular of pioneer government had failed when the minority Secondary school teachers under KUPPET had gone to school leaving the majority KNUT on the street. “hatutaki nye nye nye!…Fimbooo chapaa!” They chanted as the kids langushed at home. Some presidential intervention had bore no fruits. Then came the Governments decision through the Cabinet secretary to education to prematurely close down schools for Second term holidays that too floped. Allegetions were all over. That the strike is an arrangement of the opposition to frustrate the young government. That its a power supremacy battle between the president and his deputy and so on. It had been now a national crises three weeks later! From a personal view i side with our tutors for once. They make great minds out of small boys and girls who grow up to laugh at their peanuts. they need favourable working conditions with decent pay away from the now monotonous promises dubbed; return to work working formular ever since the gone regimes of government. Make noise! Yes make big noise but dont deny our helpless kids the right to Education! Then Some “miraculous” intervention by our Deputy President bore fruits finally! but guess what? the teachers unlike the MPs are still as poor as they had started! and the crisis still looms everybody wants a pay rise! Me too! From where?

“Tunaomba serikali iingilie kati…..(we pray that our government intervenes!)”


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