Just as God gives each of us a gentle touch. May he also touch you with his love, blessings and joyful life.....Ramadhan Kareem my Muslim Brothers and Sisters.
Just as God gives each of us a gentle touch. May he also touch you with his love, blessings and joyful life…..Ramadhan Kareem my Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

I take this Golden opportunity to salute our Muslim brothers and Sisters in their invirogating mission of prayer through fasting as they endevour to observe the Holy Month of Ramadhan and thus i say Ramadhan Kareem brethren!

Religion as most of us understand is a very fundamental shere of human life. We believe by Faith that God who is the father of the entire world and us in it owns our life. They say he knows us in and out and even can tell the number of hair on our heads which is hell hard to any normal human being!

As you accomplish this worthy mission please pray for the Union PEACE of the world. Pray for the impoverished AFRICA and that our Peace Icon; NELSON MANDELA of South Africa heals quick. For those of you in my Motherland Kenya pray for Stability in this our Country and that GOD guides his people Always.

It is that time of year again and I should like to take this opportunity to wish you all Ramadan Kareem.  This is always an important part of the annual calendar and this year is no exception. I believe that we all need to reflect upon the significance of the Fasting month and the opportunity that it affords us to do good and to make a change in the world.

There are so many challenges out there and as individuals we may feel that many of them are beyond us. However, either collectively, or through our own individual actions, we can set an example, or we can make a change for the good. Now is certainly the time to do that.

With the heightened levels of awareness and focus that Ramadan brings there are certainly many opportunities to make a difference. If each and every one of us can seize the day (Carpe Diem) then there is no telling what can be achieved.

My prayer to all of you: That  The Almighty God grants you the vigor and perseverance to endure the entire sessions of many days of Fasting and that he delivers unto you the desires of your Pure Hearts.

Enjoy the month ahead and as always…

There is much to do and not a moment to lose!

Warmest regards from your Christian Brother.



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