Its indeed been a long writing, blogging and reading break as well. Am quite sure a majority of you if not everybody is questioning why the long break? Here comes my written explanation to this. I pray that you stand bearance with it pending the adage that goes…the pen is mightier than the sword.


Life gives us choices and many at times we get caught up in life hussles. Talking of having to pace up with end of semester project management examinations, doing the research propasl within the contraints of cost and time while being the chief participant i was meant to be for Focused Group Discussions at class level. Then my usual interaction suffered a halt.


I felt too lonely failing to interact with you on this PLATFORM as usual as am obliged to. I felt sorry that you missed our conversations, our explorations, our thoughts, our perspectives, our discussions and all that makes you make that regular worthy sto over. Its today that i decided NO! NO! NO! and NO!  Am commited to kiss the lonliness bye! To ensure that now henceforth you will nolonger grow lonely too. That you will never at one point in time miss our explorations, our perspectives, our discussions and all that we are meant to share over and above what the past has offered.


Good people all those inquisitive Questions, all those great comments, all those wonderful ideas and all those self-inspired contributions lets get right back on course to better the best…….Happy reading…


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