Childhood is fun, Youth is blunder, Adulthood is struggle!

The world is large with up to eight continents spread over a wide geographical sphere. We feel the distance and the loneliness drives us to embrace groupings of Europeans, Africans, Asians and so on just to identify with a community but the difference is the same for we are the same human beings spread all over the world

In the daily lives there comes the social  class identification. People want to be identified with a given preferred social status for reason  best known to us but societal benchmark is personal success in the different spheres of life. So we group the rich and the poor separated by a gaping bridge but the difference is the same, we are all human beings in the trade of bridging the gap between us.

Back at home-Kenya we are a small society with a good count of our social, political and economic struggles. The only bigness we have is the many ethnic groupings that at least identify us as individuals of a nation. At 43 tribes everyone struggles to identify with a specific background. No dispute though! So we hear of marginalization, its our time to eat and so on. The difference is the same for we are all Kenyans and our tribe should be Kenyan!

Still, barely a month ago we hosted the eagerly awaited 2013 general elections. The silent theme was; learning from our mistakes which was loudly coined into PEACE. True in 2007/2008 society turned against itself just after the elections results were announced. Somebody had made a mistake we decided to make more mistakes too. The grossly impact was felt by the world as well. It was 2007/08 post election violence- PEV! This time around i once again salute my fellow Kenyans for we learnt from our mistakes and embraced peace. It has been post election CALMNESS- PEC. Commendable for “tunaweswait” – we can wait but still somebody made a mistake! its haunting us, normal national routine cant commence but life should go on with or without politics. They say its democracy on trial. Its more of personal responsibility. Again the difference is the same; we shall keep on learning from our mistakes! or did somebody say mistake is no mistake till its committed twice!?



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