29360_382413328510379_811610167_n If you could win a man to your cause, first convince  him that you are his sincere friend _ Abraham Lincoln.


How time flies so fast that the much anticipated March 4th election is almost here after it was delayed from December 2012. Reasons provided were too varied only linked with the creativity employed to avert looming opposition of the selfish move.

All explanations withheld, its the high season again. Experts of the game are up to their trade. This time around big and  better on paper!. The major confusion is the many names  for the same position. My question; is it service delivery competition or wealth creation agendas?

Indeed they are bigger and better but tactical will do. Just like corporates market their brands, they employ flossy roadshows, fliers, portraits, banners, billboards, internet, media, telephony and word of mouth too to push around their agendas. The common “mwananchi” because of his now “precious” vote is the center of attraction. Its this time around that they come to the “grass roots” in pursuit to woe the “bride”

Over the years, elections have come and gone creating waves that ended even before the next government was sworn in! Politicians as usual came promising “mwananchi” heaven yet failed to deliver earth alone! As they display their smiling faces printed on posters at every corner of the street an illusion of hope is created behind bars of despair. Their agendas touching on key basic  human needs; food, shelter, education, and security only serve to re-assure the doubting “mwananchi”. When making public their campaign budgets, the seven to nine figures make one anticipate a jump start boost for national economy! Too far! This economic cycle is constricted . In which way a few lucky citizens in the campaign related business will get their humble share for service provision. Some “smart” individuals  posing as brokers liaising between the aspirants and “the ultimate voter market” pocket the biggest share in the name of mobilization fee and on the receiving end the “common mwananchi” is tossed between the many aspirants once in a blue moon benefiting on “a two-figure-tip” for burning in the hot sun listening to the “waheshimiwas” to be.


That’s why this time around am writing for change. For implementation and for a peaceful transitional break with the past. Indicators; newly promulgated collaborative constitution, independent electoral and boundaries commission that should be free from political interference, devolution that changes governance structure for the better plus we are waiting to witness actions shout louder than words. Its a promise of transforming big ideas on paper into deeds!


2 thoughts on “BIG IDEAS ON PAPER.

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