The timer.
 TIME is the greatest gift you can give to some one!

Here comes a new dawn and as a great beloved nation we collectively agree this and every other year;

1. Personal responsibility.

We shall as individuals take personal responsibility as it pertains to our affecting issues to offer immediate self sort solutions before calling for further help. In this case we shall shun from the old age “tunaomba serikali itusaidie” (we pray that the government intervenes).

2. Time management.

We will practice on excellent time management to totally bury off the dainty culture of last minute rushers as it pertains to major national deadlines and thus enjoy the rewards of living within deadlines.

3. Voting.

Now that its a voting year, we collectively look forward to making good change as good patriots. we thus realize that good change only comes when this time around we cease to vote for status quo, money power, misleading majority parties but instead stay strong and alive by voting for real implementors, people and parties which carry Kenyan desires at heart. Then ours is BRAND KENYA2013.


We shall consistently practice and preach peace. As a matter of fact be our brothers keeper. To always live in harmony with our neigbours so that we totally erase discrimination and segregation based on tribal lines. in this we realize ours is ONE KENYA, ONE PEOPLE, ONE TRIBE. Then i reveal my tribe: my tribe is Kenyan! The choice is to collectively vote wisely and peacefully. accept the results of our combined efforts with joy, only to move on with re branding our great nation 

5. charity begins at home.

…Or is it used to begin at home? my right guess is that it still does. We shall thus collectively give home-grown fan-ship to our national teams and the entire sporting community just as we do for the Man-u and Arsenals of this World! Hakuna matata! (no problems)

Just as i pen off, i share my personal resolutions summed up into “May the will of the Almighty God take effect this and every other year(now and forever more)….AMEN!
Proud Kenyan. Welcome!



time for “New year Resolution”.



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