ready go...
ready go… but hope yours is the first SHOT

What is life but a riddle.

It is so predictable yet so unpredictable.

It may be untwisted yet so twisted.

A smooth beginning means a rough ending.

Yet it might not have impact at all.

Something bitter becomes sweet.

It is bitter sweet or sweet bitter.

Who can predict life?

Whats life but a proverb.

Its meaning is hidden in unknown place.

It may be known at some point.

It may not be known at the other.

The more you work, the poorer you get.

One struggles so much yet gets nothing done.

The more you sweat, the worst.

The lesser you sweat, the better.

Who can predict life?

Whats life but a tongue twister?

Everything in life is twisted.

Life in itself is twisted.

One may be so full yet so empty.

One may be clean yet so filthy.

I am so rich yet so poor.

I ran so fast and get nowhere.

The first shall be the last.

The end is just but the beginning.

Is this life?

Life is what you think it is.

See it good and it will be so.

See it bright and it shall come. 

You darken life and it will bloom.

Think of doom and you will be doomed.

Life is what Life is.


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