steady ready go...
steady ready go.. Marriage is a delicate affair but Am encouraged for as much as people complain of failing marriages weddings still take place.

(Reading downwards you enjoy a conversation of newly married happy couples. As you read from down upwards, its a marriage turned sour and things have hit the bed rock!)

Gent: Yes. At least it was hard to wait.

Lady: Do you want me to leave?

Gent: NO don’t even think about that.

Lady: Do you love me?

Gent: Of course over and over.

Lady: Have you ever cheated on me?

Gent: NO! Why are you even asking?

Lady: Will you kiss me?

Gent: Every chance i get.

Lady: Will you hit me?

Gent: Are you crazy? Am not that kind of person

Lady: Can i trust you?

Gent: Yes.

Lady: Darling?



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